Thomas Gallichan's bills for carpentry

Reference: G/C/01/C/64

Date: 1841 - 1845

Notes of bills due and sundry expenses at St Mark's on dorse of a letter concerning the stairs

Reference: G/C/01/C/65

Date: April 7th 1843 - April 7th 1843

Cost of works at church

Reference: G/C/01/C/66

Date: 1844 - 1844

Letter from John Hayward, architect of Exeter, concerning various aspects of the building

Reference: G/C/01/C/67

Date: November 6th 1843 - November 6th 1843

Letter from Thomas Le Rich to James Hodges concerning payment

Reference: G/C/01/C/68

Date: February 20th 1844 - February 20th 1844

Letter from A Le Sueur to chapelwarden passing on the decision of the Committee relating to a wall

Reference: G/C/01/C/69

Date: May 15th 1845 - May 15th 1845

Investments certificates in War and Government Stock

Reference: G/C/01/C/7

Date: 1923 - 1925

Rough notes entitled 'Mr Coutanche's hints' relating to building, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/C/70

Date: 1843 - 1845

Correspondence with Thomas Mears, bellfounder of Whitechapel, London, concerning bells for St Mark's

Reference: G/C/01/C/71

Date: June 25th 1843 - December 2nd 1844

Estimate of cost of bells

Reference: G/C/01/C/72

Date: 1843 - 1843

Shipping note for bells

Reference: G/C/01/C/73

Date: July 10th 1844 - July 10th 1844

List of subscribers to the bells with accounts relating to their purchase and receipt for carrying out a collection for the bells

Reference: G/C/01/C/74

Date: 1844 - 1846

Bill for the bells from Charles and George Mears of Whitechapel

Reference: G/C/01/C/75

Date: November 30th 1844 - November 30th 1844

List of duties of the belfry man and bell ringers

Reference: G/C/01/C/76

Date: 1844 - 1844

Sketch plans for chimes for church clock, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/C/77

Date: 1843 - 1845

Letter from J Bisson, organ builder, to C Hodgett concerning the organ at St Saviour's church

Reference: G/C/01/C/78

Date: November 30th 1842 - November 30th 1842

Specifications and estimates for the organ with related correspondence

Reference: G/C/01/C/79

Date: 1843 - 1843

Bundles of miscellaneous bills and receipts

Reference: G/C/01/C/8/1

Date: 1936 - 1937

Bundle of miscellaneous bills and receipts

Reference: G/C/01/C/8/2

Date: 1940 - 1941

Bundle of miscellaneous bills and receipts

Reference: G/C/01/C/8/3

Date: 1942 - 1942

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