Death certificate of Alice Maud Mary Rive, wife of Alfred Henry Hubert

Reference: J/H/C1/12

Date: January 22nd 1941 - January 22nd 1941

Death certificate of Vauda Juliette Campbell Sweitoslawki, wife of Albert St Leonard Peret

Reference: J/H/C1/13

Date: May 31st 1941 - May 31st 1941

Death certificate of Jane Susan Hocquard

Reference: J/H/C1/14

Date: June 26th 1941 - June 26th 1941

Death certificate of Harriet Ann Morley, widow of William Houiellebecq

Reference: J/H/C1/15

Date: July 4th 1941 - July 4th 1941

Death certificate of Emma Sophia Le Quesne, widow of George Blampied

Reference: J/H/C1/16

Date: August 21st 1941 - August 21st 1941

Death certificate of Nathaniel John Prigg

Reference: J/H/C1/17

Date: September 15th 1941 - September 15th 1941

Death certificate of Sophie Le Sueur, wife of Henry Charles Luce

Reference: J/H/C1/18

Date: December 24th 1941 - December 24th 1941

Death certificate of Anne Selina Laurens, widow of Philip John Le Vesconte

Reference: J/H/C1/19

Date: February 25th 1942 - February 25th 1942

Death certificate of John Strang

Reference: J/H/C1/2

Date: June 5th 1938 - June 5th 1938

Death certificate of Alice Amelia Siouville, wife of Henry Le Feuvre Grant

Reference: J/H/C1/20

Date: March 27th 1942 - March 27th 1942

Death certificate of Ellen Mary Bennett

Reference: J/H/C1/21

Date: April 23rd 1942 - April 23rd 1942

Death certificate of Elizabeth Margaret Bisson

Reference: J/H/C1/22

Date: May 14th 1942 - May 14th 1942

Death certificate of Alfred Jacob Copp

Reference: J/H/C1/23

Date: June 16th 1942 - June 16th 1942

Death certificate of Hannah Croad

Reference: J/H/C1/24

Date: July 3rd 1942 - July 3rd 1942

Death certificate of Francis Charles Pallot

Reference: J/H/C1/25

Date: November 29th 1942 - November 29th 1942

Death certificate of Marie Louise Fortun wife of Arthur John Turner

Reference: J/H/C1/26

Date: January 3rd 1943 - January 3rd 1943

Death certificate of Delilah Emily Field

Reference: J/H/C1/27

Date: January 11th 1943 - January 11th 1943

Death certificate of Henry Charles Luce

Reference: J/H/C1/28

Date: May 2nd 1943 - May 2nd 1943

Death certificate of Isabella Hunter, wife of William Hume Brough

Reference: J/H/C1/29

Date: June 26th 1943 - June 26th 1943

Death certificate of Elisabeth Gautier, widow of David Allégnot

Reference: J/H/C1/3

Date: October 19th 1938 - October 19th 1938

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