Account for the sale of the Mission Room

Reference: G/C/01/D/3

Date: June 23rd 1916 - July 1st 1916

Copy of resolution appointing Trustees for the land purchased from Peter John Tostevin for building a Church Institute, with extracts from the contract and receipt

Reference: G/C/01/D/4

Date: July 13th 1893 - November 17th 1893

Memorandum of agreement with Thomas Pirouet and Edward Chevalier Laurens to build the Institute

Reference: G/C/01/D/5

Date: November 18th 1893 - November 18th 1893

Church Institute accounts

Reference: G/C/01/D/6

Date: 1894 - 1916

Agreement to lease the Institute and rifle range in Clairvale Road to the Jersey Electricity Company Ltd Sports Club, with plan

Reference: G/C/01/D/7

Date: November 25th 1936 - November 25th 1936

Agreement with builder J W Ahier to build a hall at the rear of the Institute

Reference: G/C/01/D/8

Date: March 4th 1898 - March 4th 1898

Actes of the Royal Court to modify the trust created on 20 September 1845 concerning land in Montague Road and David Place and to convert a school into a church hall

Reference: G/C/01/D/9

Date: April 9th 1960 - April 30th 1960

Bail of the rectorial rights of the benefice of St Helier on land in Montague Road and Bath Street, Fief de Méleches, to Francois Godfray, with a note that he later resigned this property to the benefice of St Helier for the building of a school

Reference: G/C/01/E/1

Date: September 14th 1839 - September 14th 1839

Copy of a bail et cession of a building in Clearview Street by Edouard Mourant to Rev Philippe Filleul, Rector of St Helier, and the wardens of St Mark's

Reference: G/C/01/E/2

Date: October 13th 1856 - October 13th 1856

Bail of land and building and relinquishment of seigneurial rights by Francois Godfray to Rev Filleul and the churchwardens of St Mark's

Reference: G/C/01/E/3

Date: January 3rd 1857 - January 3rd 1857

Copy of Acte of Royal Court to extend the trust relating to property obtained 13 October 1856 in Clearview Street

Reference: G/C/01/E/4

Date: April 30th 1960 - April 30th 1960

Letter concerning the National Society's survey of education

Reference: G/C/01/E/5

Date: December 26th 1845 - December 26th 1845

Tender of Daniel Hue for carpentry work at the school, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/E/6

Date: 1845 - 1855

St Mark's Schools managers' minute book

Reference: G/C/01/E/7

Date: July 10th 1891 - October 24th 1911

St Mark's Miscellaneous

Reference: G/C/01/F

Account for sugar and provisions for St Mark's church

Reference: G/C/01/F/1

Date: 1845 - 1845

Miscellaneous notes of payments, not dated

Reference: G/C/01/F/2

Date: 1840 - 1849

Typescript of contract relating to St Paul's chapel

Reference: G/C/01/F/3

Date: May 10th 1890 - May 10th 1890

List of documents received from Mr F E Balleine

Reference: G/C/01/F/4

Date: November 30th 1919 - November 30th 1919

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