Report of Commission on Jersey registers, 26 April

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/59

Date: 1810 - 1810

Letter from Bishop North concerning Jersey registers, 5 April

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/60

Date: 1812 - 1812

Composite register of baptisms, marriages and burials for St Thomas' Roman Catholic Church. Burial entry for Josephine Delot, aged 21

Reference: 6H/F/A1/31/35

Date: March 20th 1837

Correspondence file concerning Church legislation, includes Channel Islands (Church Legislation) Measure and amendments, Channel Islands (Representation) Measure, Church of England (Worship and Doctrine Measure), Methodist Church Bill, Repair of Benefice Buildings Measure and Parochial Registers and Records Measure

Reference: B/D/A/C5/B

Date: November 26th 1927 - June 27th 1983

Correspondence re. irregularities appearing in the Parish Registers

Reference: D/AP/H/2

Date: 1935 - 1939

Correspondence re. irregularities appearing in the Parish Registers

Reference: D/AP/H/3

Date: 1935 - 1945

Letter from the Société Jersiaise to Mr Le Masurier, Constable of St Martin, regarding the listing of the Parish Records. Includes the inventory made on the Parish Registers of St Martin.

Reference: F/G/S2/3

Date: November 25th 1977 - December 5th 1977

St Mark's Registers

Reference: G/C/01/G

St Mark's Baptism Registers

Reference: G/C/01/G1

St Mark's Burial Registers

Reference: G/C/01/G3

St Mark's Banns Registers

Reference: G/C/01/G4

Composite Register of Baptisms, 07/12/1634-14/04/1672, Marriages, 10/12/1634-31/01/1672 and Burials, 07/12/1634-01/04/1672 [Indexed]

Reference: G/C/02/E1/1

Date: December 7th 1634 - April 14th 1672

Composite Register of Baptisms, 17/04/1672-18/03/1722, Marriages, 05/05/1672-24/03/1722 and Burials, 12/05/1672-18/03/1722 [Indexed]

Reference: G/C/02/E1/2

Date: April 17th 1672 - March 24th 1722

Composite Register of Baptisms, 01/04/1722-06/08/1749, Marriages, 28/04/1722-27/05/1749 and Burials, 01/04/1722-30/07/1749

Reference: G/C/02/E1/3

Date: April 1st 1722 - August 6th 1749

Composite Register of Baptisms, 13/08/1749-28/09/1777, Marriages, 24/01/1750-08/03/1804 and Burials, 17/08/1749-28/09/1777 with separate index

Reference: G/C/02/E1/4

Date: August 13th 1749 - March 8th 1804

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