Fire fighting equipment and air raid warning precautions in the States Textile Department works, Summerland Factory, Rouge Bouillon. Shelters to be built for employees

Reference: B/A/W53/2

Date: November 19th 1940 - February 27th 1941

Inspections of gas and electricity installations at Summerland Factory, Rouge Bouillon

Reference: B/A/W53/3

Date: November 25th 1940 - November 30th 1940

Application for wool from L Sayer, Demi [Havre] des Pas Hotel

Reference: B/A/W53/4

Date: January 29th 1941 - January 29th 1941

Hosiery to be imported from France, includes correspondence re. the price of hosiery

Reference: B/A/W53/5

Date: February 6th 1941 - April 1st 1941

Request for the textile delegation to consider a letter on the subject of men's underwear

Reference: B/A/W53/6

Date: March 28th 1941 - March 29th 1941

Request for a motorcycle permit for R L Sangan, Manager of the Textile Department

Reference: B/A/W53/7

Date: April 25th 1941 - April 25th 1941

Skins of wild and tame rabbits to be used - includes prices to be paid per skin

Reference: B/A/W53/8

Date: May 6th 1941 - May 22nd 1941

Prices for sale of rags

Reference: B/A/W53/9

Date: May 2nd 1941 - May 17th 1941

Notification and copy of the order of the Superior Council concerning Textile and Footwear Rationing, 1941.

Reference: B/A/W73/1

Date: September 30th 1941 - October 3rd 1941

Correspondence concerning boots for P C Pinel, Newbury House, St Aubin and the delivery of 100 wellington boots from France to be divided between Jersey and Guernsey

Reference: B/A/W73/10

Date: January 22nd 1943 - March 3rd 1943

Correspondence with the Textile and Footwear Control Office concerning the delivery of workmen's boots

Reference: B/A/W73/11

Date: March 2nd 1943 - September 27th 1943

Correspondence concerning the rationing of textiles and issue of textile ration books

Reference: B/A/W73/12

Date: March 15th 1943 - October 11th 1943

Correspondence concerning the Second Hand Textile Department includes complaints over clothing prices and stocks of clothing and footwear

Reference: B/A/W73/13

Date: March 23rd 1943 - October 14th 1943

Correspondence concerning B grade clothing and drapery at A de Gruchy and Company Limited and request from the Platzkommandant that lists of all textiles arriving in the Island are sent to the German Authorities.

Reference: B/A/W73/14

Date: January 24th 1942 - July 24th 1944

Leather required for shoe repairs for workmen in Alderney

Reference: B/A/W73/16

Date: February 20th 1944 - February 25th 1944

Appeal to the public, from the Bailiff in the Jersey Evening Post, for material capable of being turned into an article of clothing, includes correspondence with Miss Messervy, Mr Leopold - Captain of the La Moye Golf Club and Philip Le Quesne who had the idea to make a public appeal for clothing.

Reference: B/A/W73/17

Date: December 9th 1944 - December 9th 1944

Correspondence with the Textile and Footwear Control Office concerning the licence of C S Bisson and the proceedures in place for the purchase and sale of new, secondhand and used clothing.

Reference: B/A/W73/18

Date: March 23rd 1944 - August 3rd 1944

Correspondence concerning the issue of footwear

Reference: B/A/W73/19

Date: March 9th 1944

Notification and copy of the order of the Superior Council concerning Textile and Footwear (Local Distribution), 1941.

Reference: B/A/W73/2

Date: September 30th 1941 - October 3rd 1941

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