Court Book of the Fief des Arbres

Reference: L/F/101/A/19

Date: October 9th 1672 - October 7th 1795

Court Book of the Fief de Ponterrin

Reference: L/F/101/A/23

Date: July 9th 1771 - June 2nd 1784

Court Book of the various Fiefs of which Jean Le Marinel is Senechal

Reference: L/F/101/A/24

Date: December 12th 1556 - December 22nd 1562

Proceedings of the Court of the Fief and Seigneurie of Vingt Livres [Indexed]

Reference: L/F/101/A/7

Date: June 19th 1761 - June 30th 1778

Volume containing; extract from the Seigneurial Court of Fief Haubert and Seigneurie of St Ouen 1674 - 1675, appairiement of the Fief Haubert and Seigneurie of St Ouen 1674 - 1675, and appairiement of the Fief des Douze Mances [Mancelles] - a dependance of the Fief Haubert

Reference: L/F/101/A/8

Date: 1674 - 1675

Case papers in a case between Jane Le Feubvre, appelant, Dame of the Fief and Seigneurie of La Hougue Boete, St John and Nicholas de Carteret, defendant, Sergeant of the said Fief. Concerning the yearly payment of a fat mutton to the Dame and the furnishing of a stable for the horse of the Dame the de Carteret owes on 25 vergees of land

Reference: L/F/101/A/9/2

Date: 1593 - 1673

Petition from and corresponding Royal Grant to Sir George Carteret allowing him to hold Courts in the Fief of Handois, St Lawrence

Reference: L/F/101/A/9/4

Date: June 19th 1662 - September 25th 1662

Extract from the Royal Court concerning the request of the Deputy Procureur, Deputy Attorney General and Philippe Lempriere, Receiver General of HM at which the Vicomte of Jersey has authorised six experts to examine the Court, the Prison, the houses, mills and land and everything in the Island that belongs to the Crown. The report of the experts is included in the document

Reference: L/F/102/A/11

Date: February 3rd 1749 - February 15th 1749

Printed proposed regulations for the establishment of a Court of Enquiry

Reference: L/F/22/L/26

Date: 1797 - 1797

Letter from the Army Justice Inspector at the German War Court authorising Arthur Forster to speak to his wife Ivy Forster [Ivy May Forster, née Le Druillenec] in prison in the presence of an interpreter.

Reference: L/F/300/A/2

Date: June 23rd 1944 - June 23rd 1944

Document entitled The Jersey Railways Company Limited, Report as to the Title of the Railway, As to the Section between St Helier and St Aubin. Used in a case in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, Mr Justice North, between Francis William Lowther, Thomas Hayward Budd and Herbert Aston Whitaker, Plaintiffs and The Jersey Railway Company Limited, Arthur Sinclair and John M Black, defendants. Includes a copy of contracts relating to land purchased by the William Lyster Holt for the Railway Company

Reference: L/F/54/B/5

Date: 1889 - 1889

Recognition in court that Drouet Lempriere is the heir of the late Thomas de St Martin by right of his mother - the sister of Thomas de St Martin. In front of John Payn, Lieutenant Bailiff of Thomas Lempriere, Bailiff, and Pierre de Carteret and Regnault Le Loureur, Jurats of the King

Reference: L/F/57/2

Date: June 27th 1515 - June 27th 1515

Action before the Royal Court between Jean Aubin and Jean Kingston over the payment of 35 livres 12 sols French currency

Reference: L/F/82/A/2

Date: November 9th 1810 - November 9th 1810

Letters Patent of Elizabeth I reciting a document dated 14/04/1499 between Jean de Carteret, Seigneur of the Fief de Hault de Vincheles of the first party and Jean Dumaresq of the second party concerning a dispute in which Richard Coustances raised the Clameur de Haro against 1

Reference: L/F/99/A/5

Date: October 20th 1562 - October 20th 1562

St Saviour's Parish Chef de Police, PJ Davis, stands outside St Saviour's Parish Hall, having just returned from dealing with court cases.

Reference: p/03/249/21

Date: June 27th 2000 - June 27th 2000

David Power, Elizabeth Morris and Centenier Geoff Morris look through a case to be heard at a St Saviour Parish Hall enquiry

Reference: p/03/249/24

Date: June 28th 2000 - June 28th 2000

Outside the Court buildings, Royal Square after the swearing in of Advocate Victoria Robinson. L-R: Joan Stevens, Victoria Robinson, June Robinson, Carol Begg, Gareth Rigby, Advocate Andrew Begg and Keith Robinson.

Reference: P/03/36/22

Date: January 20th 2000 - January 20th 2000

Judicial Greffe. Assise D'Heritage (advocates take a re-oath) Sandra Auckland, Court Usher.

Reference: P/03/B170/16

Date: September 13th 2000 - September 13th 2000

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