Photograph of 'Aunt Lil' with a bicycle

Reference: L/C/45/D/1

Date: 1933 - 1933

2 Copies of 8mm Occupation Scenes-1940-1945 marked Bertram film-Includes film of the German cemetery with a church in the background, collecting vraic, chopping wood, the Jersey flag, quarrying, a railway track, memorial saying 'This road is dedicated to the men and women of Jersey who suffered in the World War 1939-1945', a shipwreck, a fire, people coming out of a garage, red cross food parcel distribution, preparing food, picking vegetables, cycling on a penny farthing, swastikas on the wall, the German Underground Hospital and the cemetery at Howard Davis Park.

Reference: L/D/25/J1/2

Date: 1940 - 1945

Talk by Mr T Riley to the Channel Islands Occupation Society. (Very faint at some points) Talks about his experiences during the occupation and the different jobs he undertook including working at George D Laurens shop in Queen Street, being called up by Theodor Elsch to help build sea walls at La Braye slip wall but refusing to work, being put into prison in Gloucester Street for not complying, given a month in prison, when he got out was put to work on the sea walls but started registering in the morning and then going home, put to work on the German Hospital in St Peter's Valley but stopped going after a rock fall, got sent down the Victoria Pier cleaning the walls of tanks but didn't want to work there either, put to work in a german store but was eventually arrested, interrogated by the police at Silvertide, Havre des Pas and was offered the choice of doing 5 months prison in France or 5 weeks solitary confinement in Jersey, decided on staying in Jersey, was classed as an 'undesirable', talks about the reduced rations they received in prison, a plan whereby he got increased rations, a job at the Homestead in Vallée des Vaux when he was released, got extra beer by delivering beer from Ann Street Brewery, getting a letter saying he was to be deported but avoiding it as his name was late in the alphabet, becoming friendly with a german he was living next to and being allowed off the next deportations, working for the States down St Helier Harbour unloading supplies, the stealing that used to take place of German goods, being arrested by the Germans for stealing and being sentenced by the local police court as it was States goods to four weeks hard labour, breaking stones in the prison, getting shingles in prison and was given light duties, got married and was living in town, got a job looking after and grave digging at the Stranger's Cemetery, got fired for only going to work every other day and pulling down a hut to burn for fuel, sent to Midvale Road to work in OT offices as a cleaner, taking fuel from the offices, picking berries from a mountain ash for his boss who lived in Clarendon Road to distill into alcohol, opening a room at the office which had a great deal of food inside and taking supplies, moved to St Brelade and worked at knocking down trees for people's fuel, used to fill bins with sea water and extracted the salt, taking weapons and binoculars from a store and looking in the bunker at La Pulente and finding a motorbike. Comments made by the audience about their dealings with the germans at the Harbour and taking food, the need for policemen as so much was being taken. Riley tells how he was caught out after curfew 52 times, he had to go to Bagatelle House to explain himself, dealing on the blackmarket for an old lady who lived in Colomberie, the ships that transported essential commodoties the SS Normand and SS Spinel their captains, the arrival of the Russian POWs, taking butter from the germans, the arrival of the SS Vega and the red cross parcels, the fact that things for babies were never touched and how they always tried to steal from the Germans. Questions asked and comments made concerning his arrests and whether it was recorded in the press, the Painters, listening to radios and an American airman who crashed and was saved by John de la Haye.

Reference: L/D/25/L/54

Date: April 8th 1981 - April 8th 1981

Scrapbook No 4 compiled by Mr E J de Ste Croix. Includes cuttings from the Evening Post, various german orders, rationing, notification for American citizens to report to Victoria College House, curfew notices, fuel supplies, v sign propaganda, registering of vehicles, requests for labour, a spanish OT workers food card from Lager Udet, orders relating to sabotage and against the Jews, a poem against rumour mongering by Reg Grandin, mail to and from prisoners of war, food cards for civilian workers of Theodor Elsche, notice of the punishment of P and B Wakeham for neglect in the cultivation of their glasshouses, football results, the confiscation of wirelesses and a copy of a pamphlet that was circulates against this order, notice of free vaccinations, threats by the feldkommandant of deportation of local citizens for carrying out acts of sabotage, note on the arrival of Russian prisoners of war and the state they were in, note on the actions of the Germans after rumours of the British landing in France, report on the opening of the german railway, notice on the Evening Post having to suspend publication due to paper shortages, orders relating to the registration of cycles and a letter to Mr de Ste Croix asking him to bring his bike to be examined,

Reference: L/D/25/M2/4

Date: December 5th 1941 - July 28th 1942

Newspaper cutting of an photograph published in the Temps passé column in the Jersey Evening Post, 6 October 1997. Photograph shows Miss Bond, matron of the Jersey District Nursing Association, stood with district nurses Miss Thomas, Miss Bradshaw and Miss Harris with their bicycles outside Gloucester Lodge, Stopford Road in October 1939.

Reference: L/D/39/F/26

Date: October 6th 1997 - October 6th 1997

Copy of a photograph of a Queen's Nurse with her bicycle, 1950s.

Reference: L/D/39/H/1

Date: 1950 - 1959

Photograph of an unidentified little girl on a tricycle

Reference: L/F/05/D/2

Date: 1920 - 1929

Letter from Violet M Alderson, Kingsdown, Milbrook to Mr Miller thanking him for his cheque to a district nurse fund. Includes envelope addressed to Miss Alderson and a note about the letter.

Reference: L/F/442/A1/3

Date: April 7th 1943 - April 14th 1943

Letter from C J Cuming, Constable of St Helier, Town Hall, St Helier to Miss D Le Breton, 31, Kensington Place, St Helier; relating to the requisitioning of her bicycle

Reference: L/F/54/C/S/6

Date: June 11th 1943 - June 11th 1943

Documents and correspondence relating to the story of Jack, also known as John Soyer. Details the story of him being put in prison in France during the Occupation for having an illegal wireless during the occupation, escaping prison and living under a false identity with the Daniel family in Brehal, joining the local resistance, stealing a German bicycle in revenge for a local citizen's bicycle being stolen and being shot whilst trying to escape. Includes copies of his false papers whilst living with the Daniel family, a photograph of his grave and details of a memorial service in his honour.

Reference: M/47/A/1

Date: October 6th 2009 - October 6th 2009

Kenneth Mallett and A girl cycling their bikes along the railway track towards Corbiére.

Reference: P/03/125/16

Date: April 27th 2000 - April 27th 2000

A girl and Kenneth Mallett cycling round Quennevais sports track.

Reference: P/03/125/17

Date: April 27th 2000 - April 27th 2000

A girl riding her bicycle near her home in Oak Tree Gardens, Acacia Court.

Reference: p/03/132/12

Date: July 1st 2000 - July 1st 2000

Christopher Queree fixing a bicycle outside his home in Rue du Clos Fallu, Trinity.

Reference: p/03/268/09

Date: June 21st 2000 - June 21st 2000

A girl and Kenneth Mallett cycling at Les Quennevais cycle track, St Brelade

Reference: p/03/368/12

Date: July 28th 2000 - July 28th 2000

Chris Clark about to go to work on his bicyle, at 0700 hours.

Reference: P/03/39/15

Date: January 4th 2000 - January 4th 2000

Child Care Officer Aaron Lappage in the Activity Base at La Préférence Children's Centre. Aaron is a mountain bike expert and racer.

Reference: p/03/547/13

Date: October 12th 2000 - October 12th 2000

Postman Ian Tardival delivering letters to houses.

Reference: P/03/B131/07

Date: October 10th 2000 - October 10th 2000

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