Mandates of Bishop Andrewes to the Dean of Jersey, 24 March 1619 and 1 July 1623

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/1

Date: 1619 - 1623

Letter to Bishop Mews from C Le Couteur concerning C. Mason's case, 14 March

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/12

Date: 1695 - 1695

Letter to Roberts from C. Mason concerning Dean Le Couteur, 24 September

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/13

Date: 1695 - 1695

Letter to Bishop Mews from C Le Couteur concerning C. Mason's case, April

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/15

Date: 1696 - 1696

Address of congratulation to Bishop Willis from the Dean and Clergy of Jersey, 22 October

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/24

Date: 1723 - 1723

Letter to Bishop Willis from the Dean of Jersey concerning a pulpit in St Martin, 20 August

Reference: 21M65/J1/7/33

Date: 1726 - 1726

Petition by the Dean and clergy of Jersey probably to Queen Anne, in which they complain of the poverty of the clergy, and ask that the clergy rent their tithes from the crown at the rents stated in the extent last revised in 1666, (the date 1692 has been added in the margin. 2ff.

Reference: 929/25

Date: 1666 - 1701

Papers relating to the appointments of the Deans of Jersey

Reference: A/D1/D4

Date: February 29th 1888 - January 20th 1938

Collection of press cuttings presented to Government House by Major General Martelli concerning the history of Jersey, Jurats, Deputies, the Dean, Prevots, the Police, the right of appeal, colorado beetle, States houses, the status of British residents, Roman Catholics in Jersey, the airport, military service, Spanish refugees, smuggling, the licensing system, visitor traffic and the Ecrehous

Reference: A/J/10

Date: May 16th 1929 - October 3rd 1956

Correspondence file concerning the appointment and swearing in of the Dean of Jersey

Reference: B/D/A/D7/1

Date: August 4th 1937 - June 14th 1993

Correspondence file concerning the swearing in of John Seaford as Dean of Jersey

Reference: B/D/A/D7/2

Date: July 22nd 1993 - November 15th 1993

States minutes, with oath on first page Includes loose in front of the volume: Articles against John Herault, Bailiff, by Phillip Lempriere and Ellias de Carteret, Procureur in Jersey, 13 June 1620, concerning the Bailiff's dispute with the Governor at the States meeting on 1 April 1620 and over the presentation of the Dean's credentials and the Bailiff's powers at the same meeting.

Reference: C/A1/1A

Date: November 24th 1643 - July 28th 1651

Date: June 13th 1620

Photograph of Mrs Le Breton, one of her six sons, Lillie Le Breton, later Lillie Langtry and the very Reverend William Corbet Le Breton, Dean of Jersey by C P Ouless

Reference: F/L/W4/5

Date: 1866 - 1866

Jersey Decanal Conference

Reference: G/C/03/C1

Minute Book of the Jersey Decanal Conference

Reference: G/C/03/C1/1

Date: August 30th 1877 - September 1st 1919

Minute Book of the Jersey Decanal Conference

Reference: G/C/03/C1/2

Date: September 25th 1919 - April 24th 1931

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