Correspondence relating to Second World War dead including the names of Russian dead, plan of strangers cemetery, German war graves, naval ratings in Howard Davis Park Cemetery, deportees graves, and Guernsey war dead

Reference: A/D1/W1/2

Date: June 13th 1944 - December 11th 1961

Papers relating to the claim for compensation for physical and mental damage when deported from Jersey of J P Ross, The Scotia Hotel, Great King Street, Edinburgh

Reference: B/A/L10/7

Date: July 3rd 1945 - August 22nd 1945

Documents relating to the war crimes trials of Colonel Oberst Knackfuss and General Muller, includes; papers relating to bread rationing and the requisition of potatoes, personal letters from deported Channel Islanders, and statements of A M Coutanche, Bailiff

Reference: B/A/L33/1

Date: July 29th 1943 - December 13th 1945

Claim for personal injuries by Captain P R Barette of 85 Don Road, St Helier, previously of 19, St James Street, St Helier, deported to Laufen

Reference: B/A/W21/3

Date: September 18th 1945 - April 23rd 1946

Claim for personal injuries by Mr J R Barnes deported to Germany

Reference: B/A/W21/4

Date: March 14th 1946 - March 16th 1946

Claim by for personal injuries Mrs A Lewis of 2, Balmoral Villas, Drury Lanedeported to Germany

Reference: B/A/W21/6

Date: April 4th 1946 - June 22nd 1946

Claim for personal injuries by Rodney K Harris of 5, St Luke's Villas, Beach Road, for deportation of self and family and death of his wife in Germany

Reference: B/A/W21/7

Date: December 6th 1945 - June 22nd 1946

Claim for personal injuries by Mr J P Ross deported with his family to Wurzach

Reference: B/A/W21/8

Date: May 10th 1946 - February 13th 1947

General details of the deportation of British Subjects living in Jersey to internment camps; Two separate series of lists of British subjects transported to Germany on the, 16/09/1942, 18/09/1942, and 29/09/1942 (3rd list included for 29/09/1942) Notice of Evacuation of British subjects in the Jersey Evening Post. Resolution from the Superior Council of the States of Jersey against the deportation of British Subjects. Handwritten notes on the deportation of British Subjects by A Coutanche, Bailiff . Notice in the Jersey Evening Post from the Jersey Internees Aid Committee re. distribution of parcels to internees Correspondence with the camp captains re. contents of parcels, requests for goods, lists of goods and books sent from Jersey. Includes details of collecting centres in Jersey. List of those transported to Germany on 13/02/1943 (2 copies of list) and 25/02/1943 List of internees returned from Laufen internment camp, 16/03/1944. Post war enquiries about the following British subjects deported to Germany; Arnold Byron, Ronald Frederick Stocks, and Terence William John Gamble See also B/A/W42/6 for transmission of funds

Reference: B/A/W80/1

Date: September 15th 1942 - September 22nd 1976

Photograph of the Room Seniors at Laufen; Back Row: 1,2:J E Webster,3:John William Thelwell ,4:William George Boalch, 5:Danniels,6,7:J Jenkins, Front Row: 1,2,3,4,5:A Sherwill,6:Roy Charles Skingle,7:Morton,8:Reverend Flint

Reference: B/A/W80/3/44

Date: 1943 - 1943

Photograph taken at Laufen; Back Row: 1:Vernon Allen Jarrett,2,3:R Fletcher,4:B Porrit, 5,6,7:Davies. Front Row: 1:Wynsayer,2,3:David Charles Edgar Fisk,4,5:Danniels,6:W Bennet,7,8:Donald Arthur Drelincourt Campbell

Reference: B/A/W80/3/45

Date: 1943 - 1943

Photograph taken at Laufen; Mostly unidentified - Second row 4 in: John William Thelwell

Reference: B/A/W80/3/46

Date: 1943 - 1943

Photograph taken at Laufen; Back Row: 1,2,3,4:William Percy Williams,5,6:William Anthony Drinkwater, 7,8,9,10:Edward Hardy Brennan. Front Row: 1,2:Dr Osiek,3,4:Joseph William Everett (Dentist), 5,6

Reference: B/A/W80/3/47

Date: 1943 - 1943

Photograph taken at Laufen; Back Row: 1,2,3,4,5,6:John Andrews Blackburn,7,8,9,10, 11:Potts,12:Eric Francis Dowdall. Front Row: 1,2,3,4:D Smith

Reference: B/A/W80/3/48

Date: 1943 - 1943

Photograph taken at Laufen; Mostly unidentified - Middle Row 4 in: J Morton

Reference: B/A/W80/3/49

Date: 1943 - 1943

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