File entitled 'Schule u Kultur' (School and Culture) original ref 05/II, includes; List of French journals, magazines and newspapers. Correspondence about a book 'Deutsches Leben' (The German way of life) to be used in schools. Request for the book 'Jersey Folk Lore', L'Amy. Request for the protection of the prehistoric dwelling l'Oeillère, St Brelade. Dictionaries to be purchased for the Channel Islands. Report of the Education Committee for 1944 (See also B/A/W63/31, B/A/W31/3/3)

Reference: B/A/W92/3/1

Date: February 5th 1943 - December 29th 1944

Miscellaneous papers relating to education, includes; Correspondence re. dictionaries. Study of the German language - German syllabus. List of schools and number of children in each school. List of teachers taking German classes

Reference: B/A/W92/3/2

Date: October 23rd 1942 - May 21st 1944

Parish Warden Section/Parish Emergency Section War Books supporting Official Publications

Reference: D/G/C5/2

Date: 1962 - 1974

Glossary of Atomic Terms. Fourth edition

Reference: D/G/C5/2/1

Date: 1962-10 - 1962-10

Parish Warden Section/Parish Emergency Section Training Courses

Reference: D/G/C5/3

Date: 1965 - 1990

Testament of James Gutteres. Dated 12/02/1898. Bequeaths to Phyllis a Knight's edition of Shakespeare, to Minnie Lydia Le Gros six Harding editions, six gospels, English and French dictionaries, To G Romeril the Time Atlas, the Biographical and Classical of Tirnarine (?) and Disraeli's Curiosities of Literature. Codicil added 04/05/1900. Bequeaths to Elizabeth and Amelia Le Gros Disraeli's Curiosities of Literature.

Reference: D/Y/A/59/99

Date: October 5th 1900 - October 5th 1900

Copy dated 12 January 1907 from the Commissiary of Guernsey of the Testament of John Stephen Frecker Cox, St Peter Port, Guernsey. Dated 7 May 1906. Bequeaths to Robert Cox a 7 volume Lloyds dictionary; to George F the Bible Treasury; to Charles J two volumes of the Septuagint; to Charles James his Bible and hymn book, 3 volumes of the Enquirer, the Hebrew Concordance, 2 volumes of the dictionary the Greek Concordance Lexicon and the large Concordance by Young.

Reference: D/Y/A/66/39

Date: March 25th 1907 - March 25th 1907

Dictionary of the English & French Languages. Prize given to Mabel Ahier at St Helier Parish Church Sunday School

Reference: L/C/03/A/4/5

Date: 1912 - 1912

Audio tape labelled 'Dictionary Dialogues' A number of unidentified speakers discuss the meanings of Jersey-French words and phrases. Poor sound quality with many breaks in the recording. Recording is on side with green leader. Recorded October 1971. Tape speed 1 7/8 ips.

Reference: R/03/J/10

Date: 1971 - 1971

Jersey Talking Magazine-March Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Doctor Frank Le Maistre talking about Jersey French, trying to revive the language, making recordings of the language, the origins of the language, differences between language in the Channel Islands, changes in the language, funding into the study of jèrriais, work on, publication and sales of his dictionary and dialects in different parts of the island. Linda Le Vasseur interviewing Mr Ozane concerning teaching Guernsey Norman French to teachers, problems faced with learning the language, how he got involved in the teaching, different pronunciations in the parishes, speaks in Guernsey Norman French. Tim giving a tip from a reader for an alarm that can be put in your handbag. Competition winners and a new competition. Gordon Young tells a humorous story. Pat Dubras and Sonia Hamon performing Noel Coward's Cat's Cradle. End of Side One. Chris and Gordon at the opening of The Victoria public house in St Peter's Valley with Ian Stevens of Ann Street Brewery and Mr Le Marquand, the Constable of St Peter includes speeches by both, description of the pub and the impressions of the presenters, talking to Brian Garner, the architect, Mike Weaver, the builder and Ian Stevens, the director of Ann Street Brewery about the building. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about robins and their habits, including examples of their birdsong. Royal feature-Ruby Bernstein talking about Queen Mary having met her as press officer in the Rank Organisation, talks about her actions during the second world war, Queen Mary showing films to soldiers through the Rank Organisation, Mary's love of films, Ruby organising these viewings with the Queen, Mary going to events to do with film after the second world war, the difficulties of organising a toilet within a certain distance for the Queen to use and organising private viewings for Queen Mary to view films when she was older. Gordon Young ends with a humorous story.

Reference: R/05/B/40

Date: February 29th 1980 - February 29th 1980

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