Correspondence concerning gifts to the Royal Family

Reference: A/D1/G5

Date: June 2nd 1921 - June 28th 1957

File containing correspondence and details of contributions to the wedding present of His Royal Highness the Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

Reference: A/N1/3

Date: April 17th 1986 - July 29th 1986

Gift of £5000 from W A Black, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company of Montreal Limited, Sherbrooke Street, Montreal

Reference: B/A/L18/11

Date: June 15th 1945 - June 15th 1945

Gift of Aspro from Aspro Limited, Slough, Bucks

Reference: B/A/L18/12

Date: June 23rd 1945 - June 23rd 1945

Gift of £425 from Mr Peppino Santangelo, Managing Director of the New Theatre, Hull

Reference: B/A/L18/14

Date: June 14th 1945 - June 25th 1945

Gift of £100 from the Channel Islands Society, All India Branch

Reference: B/A/L18/15

Date: June 21st 1945 - June 26th 1945

Gift of £58.7.6 from a collection taken at a thanksgiving service (4th Bn No 1 IRTB) in Italy on Victory Day for liberated Channel Islanders

Reference: B/A/L18/16

Date: June 20th 1945 - June 25th 1945

Gift of £5 from Miss Olivant

Reference: B/A/L18/17

Date: June 26th 1945 - June 27th 1945

Offer of clothing from the Lady Mayoress, The Close, Exeter

Reference: B/A/L18/18

Date: July 2nd 1945 - July 2nd 1945

Offer of clothing from the Women's War Service Bureau, 11, Gambier Terrace, Hope Street, Liverpool

Reference: B/A/L18/19

Date: July 9th 1945 - July 9th 1945

Anonymous gift of £4.2 received from the United Kingdom High Commissioner in New Zealand

Reference: B/A/L18/24

Date: August 3rd 1945 - August 13th 1945

Donation of clothing from the Auckland Travel Club

Reference: B/A/L18/25

Date: August 20th 1945 - May 22nd 1946

Donation of £20 from the Dorchester Channel Islands Society

Reference: B/A/L18/26

Date: August 31st 1945 - September 7th 1945

Donation of blankets from the Channel Islands (Southampton and District) Association

Reference: B/A/L18/30

Date: October 3rd 1945 - October 5th 1945

Gift of £25 from the General Relief and Deportees Fund of the Cardiff and District Channel Islands Society

Reference: B/A/L18/32

Date: October 8th 1945 - October 16th 1945

Gift of £5 from Joan Webb, 40, Upper Cox Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

Reference: B/A/L18/33

Date: October 21st 1945 - November 9th 1945

Gift of £264 5 6 from the Channel Islands' Restoration Fund of the Edinburgh and District Channel Islands Society

Reference: B/A/L18/34

Date: November 14th 1945 - November 17th 1945

Donation of clothing to Guernsey from the Britain's Babies Guild, Cape Town

Reference: B/A/L18/35

Date: November 23rd 1945 - November 24th 1945

Correspondence and shipping orders relating to gifts of clothing sent through the Channel Islands Refugees Committee

Reference: B/A/L18/36

Date: October 16th 1945 - January 11th 1946

Donation of food parcels from the Victoria League, Pacific Buildings, Wellesley Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Reference: B/A/L18/37

Date: October 5th 1945 - September 12th 1946

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