Papers relating to sewers, drainage and the law on drains

Reference: A/D1/D3

Date: November 12th 1884 - August 23rd 1938

Correspondence relating to the repair of drains in Longueville Road and construction work on St John's Road

Reference: B/A/W31/5/8

Date: October 7th 1943 - October 20th 1943

Removal of vent pipe at Third Tower, Beaumont

Reference: B/A/W31/7/10

Date: December 9th 1942 - December 9th 1942

Broken drainpipe at Box House, Sandybrook

Reference: B/A/W31/7/19

Date: March 15th 1944 - May 14th 1944

Request from the Dept of Public Health for 40 metres of drain pipes from the stock at Beaumont Marsh.

Reference: B/A/W31/7/32

Date: April 11th 1945 - April 16th 1945

Correspondence re. permit for earthenware drain pipes

Reference: B/A/W32/1/10

Date: April 17th 1944 - April 17th 1944

Lighting of the barricade in Victoria Avenue and fixing of a drain pipe in the neighbourhood of the Slaughter House.

Reference: B/A/W32/1/5

Date: August 1st 1942 - December 31st 1942

Mains Drains - Connection to All Properties: Petition, lodged by Deputy F J Hill of St Martin

Reference: C/A627/1997/P108

Date: July 22nd 1997 - July 22nd 1997

Plan of St Mark's Lane showing Proposed 9" Drain, Island Main Drainage. Scale: 20ft to 1in.

Reference: D/AL/A11/1011

Date: November 4th 1939 - November 4th 1939

Plan of Vauxhall Street showing drain and house numbers. Scale: 20ft to 1in.

Reference: D/AL/A11/107

Date: February 6th 1906 - February 6th 1906

Plan of Rouge Bouillon Road, showing plan sections of proposed sewers from the existing sewer at the top of Palmyra Road to the existing branch in front of the Robin Hood, Trinity Road.

Reference: D/AL/A11/110

Date: August 18th 1865 - August 18th 1865

Plan of Aspley Road [Apsley Road] showing Dimensions of New 9" Pipe Drain.

Reference: D/AL/A11/111

Date: January 25th 1937 - January 25th 1937

Plan of Cleveland Road showing drainage.

Reference: D/AL/A11/113

Date: 1939 - 1939

Plan for Don Street and Waterloo Street and the west part of Burrard Street and in Burrard Lane and also in Waterloo Lane showing details of brick sewer.

Reference: D/AL/A11/114

Date: 1854 - 1854

Plan of proposed sewerage of Greve D'Azette District, details of ejector stations. Scale 1ft to ½ inch.

Reference: D/AL/A11/117

Date: July 9th 1931 - July 9th 1931

Plan of Byron Lane showing drainage plan. Scale: 4ft to 1in.

Reference: D/AL/A11/143

Date: 1939 - 1939

Plan of Gorey Hill showing names of houses and businesses and proposed drains.

Reference: D/AL/A11/155

Date: October 25th 1929 - October 25th 1929

Plan, Section and Details of a proposed sewer in King Street from New Street to the Brook at Charing Cross.

Reference: D/AL/A11/1856

Date: 1856 - 1856

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