File relating to La Collette Land Reclamation Site Development, includes correspondence relating to various aspects of the development of La Collette, including roads and road systems, contractors' insurance, allocation of sites for States departments and private businesses, proposed coal storage for electricity production and the construction of an electricity sub-station, a list of car parking requirements at La Collette, correspondence, maps and plans relating to the future use of the land to the south of the Abattoir, invoices for provision of mains services to the La Collette area, maps and plans of the area with proposed site allocations marked, notes of progress meetings into development of the area, correspondence relating to the vehicle park and a survey of the vehicles parked there, a resume of development works and capital expenditure projections and a form of tender, brief specification, signed contract and drawings relating to the construction of a new electricity sub-station at La Collette reclamation site.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/04/03/1/4

Date: July 12th 1983 - December 27th 1984

File relating to Town Planning, Weighbridge Island Site, includes information relating to construction of the Jersey Electricity Company Primary Sub-Station at the Weighbride and the various issues surrounding it, correspondence relating to access to the Weighbridge site by different companies and changes in the of use of the premises, a report to the Island Development Committee regarding the use of the Weighbridge site and maps and plans of the area.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/04/04/1/5

Date: December 30th 1991 - February 26th 1992

File relating to the Jersey Electricity Company, Esplanade Primary Substation, general correspondence, plans and a schedule of dilapidations for the proposed Substation, a report on the alternative sites for the proposed Primary Substation, July 1990 and a fact sheet prepared for the Island Development Committee on the matter of the proposed JEC Primary Substation at the Weighbridge (Island) Site, August 1990.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/04/04/7

Date: September 15th 1989 - November 25th 1993

Correspondence and papers relating to miscellaneous Superior Council matters, with index. Subjects include:

Reference: D/Z/H5/346

Date: January 21st 1944 - December 8th 1944

Correspondence and papers relating to Superior Council matters. Subjects include:

Reference: D/Z/H5/424

Date: January 12th 1945 - April 27th 1945

Declarations of private installations of electric generating plants

Reference: D/Z/K12/22

Date: January 16th 1945 - January 24th 1945

Correspondence with the Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited, electricity supply and water shortage

Reference: D/Z/K31/13

Date: March 7th 1944 - December 23rd 1944

Correspondence with the Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited, electricity and water supply

Reference: D/Z/K31/15

Date: January 3rd 1945 - April 27th 1945

Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited particulars of work and charts showing water supplied, fuel oil used and electrical units used during 1940

Reference: D/Z/K31/18

Date: 1940 - 1940

Jersey Electricity Company substation contracts

Reference: D/Z1/A30/2

Date: 1989 - 1989

Letter from The Jersey Electricity Company Limited to J M Belford, 35, Halkett Place concerning the supply of a four way illuminated sign at Bel Royal - includes a plan of the sign

Reference: F/N/J2/28

Date: May 2nd 1932 - May 2nd 1932

Bills for the installation of electricity

Reference: G/C/01/C/84

Date: March 23rd 1926 - March 27th 1926

Correspondence between the Jersey Electricity Company Limited and the Presbyterian Church in Midvale Road regarding the installation of a section pillar within the property of the church.

Reference: J/H/E3/1

Date: February 2nd 1932 - February 13th 1932

Mirrlees, Bickerton and Day Ltd: drawing of Mirrlees KV12 Engine sectional arrangement

Reference: K/A/A/1

Date: February 2nd 1959 - February 2nd 1959

Plan of the general arrangement of Queens Road Power Station

Reference: K/A/A/2

Date: November 30th 1959 - November 30th 1959

Engine log sheets showing lubricating oil consumption and engine hours

Reference: K/A/A/3

Date: 1968 - 1969

Data concerning the units generated and hours run by sets since commissioned to end of budget year

Reference: K/A/A/4

Date: 1992 - 1993

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