Digital copy of Report on Witness 124 by Children's Officer [Patricia Thornton]. Taken from the Children's Services file of Witness 124. [Some details redacted]. For Witness 124's statements to States of Jersey Police dated 27 May 2008 and 9 November 2005 see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/6/WS000130 and C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/6/WS000131 respectively.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/8/WD000830

Date: September 8th 1968 - September 8th 1968

Digital copy of an Assessment on Witness 83 by Child Care Officer Marnie Baudains. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 83.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A4/8/WD000341

Date: January 1st 1989 - March 31st 1989

Digital copy of a Case Note by Child Care Officer M M Bird [Madeline Bird]. [Some details redacted]. Taken from the Children's Services client file of Witness 83.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A4/8/WD000342

Date: November 28th 1986 - November 28th 1986

Digital copy of the Transcript of Session 3 on Day 1 of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel Roundtable Discussions at St Paul's Centre, held as part of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Review 2019.

Reference: C/D/AW16/TR000003

Date: May 21st 2019 - May 21st 2019

Digital copy of Newcuttings relating to Children's Officer Charles Smith, and advertisements for the recruitment of tutors, administrative assistants, and mathematics lecturers. [Some details redacted]. [Undated, c. 1992].

Reference: C/D/AW2/A5/2/WD006814

Date: July 28th 1992 - August 19th 1992

Digital copy of Minutes from a Meeting of the [Education] Committee. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW2/A5/7/1/WD006521

Date: February 14th 1956 - July 14th 1956

Plans of La Route de Vinchelez. Road improvement near Farmers Inn.

Reference: D/AL/A1/1009

Date: 1940 - 1940

Plans of La Route Orange. Granite walls near La Moye Golf Club

Reference: D/AL/A1/1014

Date: 1941 - 1941

Plans of La Rue de la Moye. Road widening plans

Reference: D/AL/A1/1030

Date: 1941 - 1946

Plans of La Route de la Haule. Road improvement La Haule Station.

Reference: D/AL/A1/1128

Date: 1942 - 1942

Plan of La Rue des Croix, Trinity. Road widening

Reference: D/AL/A1/115

Date: 1933 - 1933

Plan of Chemin de Fer and the Esplanade between Cheapside and the west of Lower People's Park

Reference: D/AL/A1/115a

Date: 1895 - 1895

Plan of Rue Don, St Brelade. Road widening from Red Houses to Don Farm.

Reference: D/AL/A1/1165

Date: 1942 - 1942

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