Correspondence relating to the Parish of Grouville annual dinners and Lieutenant Governor's farewell dinner

Reference: F/C/T3/3

Date: 1984 - 1985

Photocopy of St Martin's Church Sunday School programme of entertainment

Reference: F/G/S6/44

Date: May 8th 1930 - May 8th 1930

Social and Entertainment Fund Ledger for the Parish of Trinity

Reference: F/M/E3/2

Date: March 1st 1937 - November 16th 1960

Accounts paid out of the Social and Entertainment Fund

Reference: F/M/E4/23

Date: February 12th 1937 - April 26th 1937

Display board of newscuttings concerning the Parish of St Lawrence, includes articles concerning; a severe gale in 1940, thefts in the Parish, childrens entertainment and the Parish football club

Reference: F/N/W/6

Date: 1940 - 1943

Survey of Church House Hall as a place of public entertainment by P Callinan and V I Basden-Smith, Town surveyor

Reference: G/C/03/G/22

Date: September 28th 1935 - September 28th 1935


Reference: H/B/F3

Copy of a ticket for Grand Variety Entertainment at St Mary and St Peter's Hall, Vauxhall Street

Reference: H/B/F3/1

Date: December 4th 1906 - December 4th 1906

Programme for 'Choirs in Concert 2003', a festival of choral music performed at St Mary and St Peter's Church in aid of Jelly Club, Polio Plus and Robin Ward with performances from Concordia, Grainville School Choir, The Harmony Men, Helvetia Ladies' Choir, Holy Trinity Church Choir, Jersey Island Singers and The Songsmiths

Reference: H/B/F3/10

Date: June 28th 2003 - June 28th 2003

Copy of 'Jersey Theatre-Number 1' magazine with cover by Edmund Blampied including an interview with Kenneth Britton, an article entitled 'Stage Asides' by Reg Grandin, reviews, competitions, music, an article entitled 'Why Act?' by Paul Williams, an article entitled 'The Pastime for the Million' by Marjorie Kaenel, a profile of Edmund Blampied and letters

Reference: H/B/F3/5

Date: June 1st 1944 - June 30th 1944

Copy of 'Jersey Theatre-Number 2' magazine with cover by Edmund Blampied including an article entitled 'Hallo, Me 'Earties!' by Dusty Walker, reviews, an article by Marjorie Baker about Frederick Lonsdale, an article called 'Pity the Poor Prompter' by Reg Grandin, an article entitled 'The Record Breaker' by Rex D Kirby, an interview with Mrs Stevenson, an article entitled 'New York Calling!' by José Lillicrap and music

Reference: H/B/F3/6

Date: July 1st 1944 - July 31st 1944

Copy of 'Jersey Forum-Number 3' [formally Jersey Theatre] magazine with cover by Edmund Blampied including articles entitled 'Nature Diary: July' by H J Baal, 'Variable Star' by K J Nowlan, 'Jottings of a Journalist' by Joan Kennedy, 'Training for the Ballet' by Yvonne Le Sueur, 'Some Early Jersey Newspapers' by G R Balleine, 'Work and Play With' by Marjorie Kaenel and Enid Le Feuvre and music

Reference: H/B/F3/7

Date: August 1st 1944 - August 31st 1944

Copy of the poem 'Spring, 1945: Song of the Old Men' by Winter Le Brocq and illustrated by Edmund Blampied

Reference: H/B/F3/8

Date: 1945 - 1945

Programme for 'Music & Flowers', an event held at St Mary and St Peter's Church, Wellington Road to raise money, including a brief history of the church and the givers of money to the church

Reference: H/B/F3/9

Date: June 21st 1993 - June 25th 1993

Correspondence between the Jersey Free Church Council ministers and the Bailiff, Alexander Countanche, relating to sunday entertainments'

Reference: J/C/AS/F/3

Date: 1944 - 1944

Correspondence from P J Le Sueur relating to proposals to bequeath £1000 for a Trust Fund to provide prizes for regular attendance of young girls at St Helier Methodist Churches and also that they should encourage suitable persons to stand for election as deputy of St Helier in order to provide a park for St Helier as a counter attraction to existing ungodly entertainments based on alcohol.

Reference: J/C/AY/G/2

Date: 1926 - 1928

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