Aquila Methodist Youth Centre Club Programme 1983-4 containing an official opening ticket for 1978

Reference: J/C/BV/L/11

Date: 1978 - 1984

Autographed programme for the Pick of the Bunch Review presented by Jersey Youth Movement and starring Frankie Vaughn

Reference: J/C/BV/L/7

Date: March 10th 1956 - March 10th 1956

Programme celebrating the 25th year of Agatha Christies the Mousetrap acquired on the Aquila Youth Centre London Weekend 1977

Reference: J/C/BV/L/8

Date: 1977 - 1977

Souvenir Queen's Silver Jubilee Programme from the MAYC [Methodist Association of Youth Clubs] London Weekend 1977 includes a photgraph of the Aquila Youth Club football team

Reference: J/C/BV/L/9

Date: 1977 - 1977

Staff Entertainments

Reference: K/B/F5

Menu for the fourth annual staff dinner for the Jersey Gas Light Company Limited to be held at the Grand Hotel

Reference: K/B/F5/1

Date: January 23rd 1937 - January 23rd 1937

File note concerning the Palm Beach Cafe, St Brelade

Reference: L/A/06/E/8

Date: February 2nd 1982 - February 2nd 1982

Programme entitled Summerland Entertains annotated with comments on individual performances

Reference: L/A/10/D3/1

Date: March 18th 1944 - March 18th 1944

Letter relating to the factory's social club giving facts and figures relating to the past 4 years of the occupation [not dated]

Reference: L/A/10/D3/2

Date: 1945 - 1946

Letter from Mr Vogel who is now living in South America to R Sangan asking after the welfare of the factory workers 12 years after he left the organisation

Reference: L/A/10/D3/3

Date: December 5th 1952 - December 5th 1952

Staff Dinners

Reference: L/A/10/D4

Signed menu for the Channel Islands Knitwear Company Management Dinner 1973

Reference: L/A/10/D4/1

Date: 1973 - 1973

Draft menu and signed menu for the management dinner 1977

Reference: L/A/10/D4/2

Date: December 15th 1977 - December 15th 1977

Programmes for Cabaret events at The Watersplash in the 1950s.

Reference: L/A/21/C1/1

Date: January 1st 1950 - December 31st 1960

Programmes for Cabaret events at Swansons Hotel. Events include 'The Golden Days of Music Hall', with Roy Hudd.

Reference: L/A/21/C1/2

Date: January 1st 1950 - December 31st 1981

Programmes and publications related to The Opera House.

Reference: L/A/21/C1/3

Date: January 1st 1950 - December 31st 1960

Programmes and publications related to Wests Plaza Ballroom.

Reference: L/A/21/C1/4

Date: January 1st 1950 - December 31st 1960

Playhouse Theatre. Tickets for 'The Wind and The Rain', by The Beeches Old Boys Association, at The Playhouse Theatre, November 1948.

Reference: L/A/21/C1/5

Date: November 17th 1948 - November 20th 1948

The Little Theatre. Flyer for 'The French Folies Revue of 1957', Summer Season 1957.

Reference: L/A/21/C1/6

Date: January 1st 1957 - December 31st 1957

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