Warning notice concerning people trying to escape from the Island

Reference: B/A/W30/145

Date: September 20th 1944 - September 20th 1944

Arrest of Belzah Turner, Le Bourg, Grouville after an attempted escape to France

Reference: B/A/W50/170

Date: September 22nd 1944 - September 22nd 1944

Closure of the Gymnasium at South Hill, St Helier to the civil population, and escape of prisoners from the prison

Reference: B/A/W50/194

Date: February 5th 1945 - February 8th 1945

Warning's in the newspaper of the penalties for those attempting to escape to England. Cites an example of three youths who attempted to escape to England in a motor-boat on May 3rd/4th.

Reference: B/A/W50/55

Date: May 8th 1942 - May 8th 1942

Inquiry ordered by the Troops Court, Jersey into Ernest Briard, Governor of the Prison with regard to negligence of the prisoners after giving assistance so that a prisoner was able to escape the local prison

Reference: B/A/W81/4

Date: November 11th 1944 - November 24th 1944


Reference: C/C/L/C7/3

File re. Lieut. George Haas and Capt. Edward Clarke, American servicemen (held as prisoners of war) who escaped from the Island in January 1945. Itineraries, guest list for reception, police operational orders re. unveiling of plaques at Gorey Pier and Le Hurel slip, Grouville, press cuttings from the Jersey Evening Post

Reference: C/C/L/C7/3/1

Date: October 19th 1994 - April 28th 1995

Copy of typed account 'Escape from Jersey Island' by Captain Edward Clarke, 25th Armoured Engineer Battalion 6th Armoured Division

Reference: C/C/L/C7/3/2

Date: May 24th 1945 - May 24th 1945

File re. escapees, unveiling of memorial plaque on 9 May, guest lists and reception for prisoners of war at the Town Hall in the presence of the Prince of Wales

Reference: C/C/L/C7/3/5

Date: July 12th 1994 - May 18th 1995

File regarding the Book of Remembrance listing all those who escaped from the Island during the Occupation and the plaque unveiled by Prince Charles on 9 May 1995 commemorating those who died in their escape attempts

Reference: C/C/L/C7/3/6

Date: December 15th 1994 - May 22nd 1995

Correspondence regarding plaques and their wording unveiled during 1995. Memorial to political detainees Gloucester Street; memorial to Mrs L Gould, St Ouen; memorial to Captain Ed Clark and Lieut. George Haas American officers who espaped from the Island in January 1945, Gorey Harbour; memorial to escapees and those who helped them in particular the Bertram families, Fauvic; plaque in Liberation Square; plaque on the Albert Quay commemorating the arrival SS Vega in December 1944; Book of Remberance for escapees

Reference: C/C/L/C9/1

Date: August 12th 1994 - March 27th 1995

Programme for the unveiling of plaques at Gorey Harbour and Le Hurel slip to commemorate the men who escaped during the German Occupation

Reference: C/C/L/C9/2

Date: January 20th 1995 - January 20th 1995

Papers relating to orders issued by the German authorites regarding deportations, escapes, attempted espionage, acts committed against the German authorities, requistioning and a copy of the Evening Post dated June 4th 1944. (See also B/A/W30)

Reference: D/AP/T/26

Date: 1941 - 1945

Notice relating to the escape of the American Prisoners of War Captain Clark and Lieutenant Haas

Reference: D/Z/H5/130

Date: January 8th 1945 - January 8th 1945

Miscellaneous correspondence with the Bailiff. Subjects include:

Reference: D/Z/H5/344

Date: January 4th 1944 - January 5th 1945

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