2 copies of 'Deported' a BBC Radio Jersey programme to mark the 50th anniversary of the deportation of Channel Islanders presented by Beth Lloyd. Figures of numbers deported from the Channel Islands. Michael Ginns, president of the CIOS interviewed giving reasons for deportations, quotes from local residents about their first impressions of the deportation process, hearing in the Evening Post, being served deportation notices, preparing in a short time, putting businesses in order, packing, transportation to the harbour, people being checked by the doctor, details of 3 seperate deportations and difficulties with them, people being turned back as a result of the ships being full, homes of those being evacuated been broken into, turn out of population to see the islanders off, problems among the crowd against the Germans, experiences on the journey to the internment camps by boat to St Malo and by train to Germany, arriving in Biberach, description and experiences of Biberach Internment Camp, journey to and description of bad state of Wurzach, lack of privacy, difficulties in hygiene, allocation of rooms and mixture of people, Red Cross parcels, lack of clothes and shoes, health in the camp, single men sent to Laufen, Roy Skingle and other internees speak of their experiences, party of Guernsey residents came to Laufen from Dorsten, food situation, roll calls, recreation, entertainments, games, work, education, Pat Abernethy talks of problems in Wurzach, weakness of leadership, inspection by Protecting Powers, escapes, variety shows, concerts, dances, repatriation of the sick to England and the Channel Islands, liberation of Wurzach on April 28th 1945 by the French, liberation of Laufen by the Americans on May 4th 1945, deaths of the Channel Islanders in the internment camps and a list of those taking part in the programme. Advertisement for the deportation exhibition at the Jersey Museum with the Mayor of Bad Wurzach interviewed on the history between Jersey and the town and calling for the twinning of St Helier and Bad Wurzach, Michael Ginns and Joan Coles remembering helpfulness of residents and need for links with the town, interviewees remembering their visits back to Laufen

Reference: L/D/25/L/9

Date: September 13th 1992 - September 13th 1992

Scrapbook entitled 'Essential Commodoties' compiled by Mr E J de Ste Croix. Includes a photograph of Mr E J de Ste Croix, leaflet dropped by the RAF giving news of Allied successes for German forces, an invite to the Imperial War Museum to an occupation exhibition, a copy of the report given by Denis Vibert to the War Department after his successful escape attempt, an Organisation Todt armband, an example of a registration form, a copy of a red cross message, issues of occupation notes, copies of bread, electricity, milk, gas, fuel and meat rationing forms and correspondence with the Imperial War Museum concerning the deposit of his scrapbooks.

Reference: L/D/25/M2/8

Date: 1940 - 1963

Historical Research

Reference: L/D/67/K

'News From England - for the Channel Islands' newsheet relating to the military operations of World War Two, including a report of the escape from Guernsey of eight islanders.

Reference: L/F/131/1

Date: September 30th 1940 - September 30th 1940

Copy of the manuscript of Night and Fog Prisoners by Peter Hassall detailing his experiences of the German occupation of Jersey, his attempted escape with Dennis Audrain and Maurice Gould, Dennis Audrain's death in the attempted escape, Peter Hassall and Maurice Gould's arrest by the German forces and deportation to Germany, their experiences in the prisons and camps, Maurice's eventual death from tuberculosis, Peter Hassall's liberation and his eventual return to England.

Reference: L/F/155/1

Date: 1997 - 1997

Notice from the German authorities annoucing the escape of the American prisoners of war Captain Clark and Lieutenant Haas and warning that anyone who helps them or takes them in would be executed

Reference: L/F/274/A1/13

Date: January 8th 1945 - January 8th 1945

Copy of the 'The Evening Post' newspaper. Articles include list of Jersey residents in German Internment camps who had arrived safely in England, the Police Court, the Victoria Avenue tragedy, news of Jersey Officers and men, an escaped Russian tells of his story of treatment by Todt guards, weekly ration, advertising.

Reference: L/F/31/4

Date: May 19th 1945 - May 19th 1945

Original manuscript of Lest We Forget: Escapes and Attempted Escapes from Jersey during the German Occupation 1940 - 1945 by Roy Thomas.

Reference: L/F/341/A/1

Date: 1992 - 1992

Draft manuscript of Lest We Forget: Escapes and Attempted Escapes from Jersey during the German Occupation 1940 - 1945 by Roy Thomas.

Reference: L/F/341/A/2

Date: 1992 - 1992

Souvenir newspaper titled Liberation! A Jersey Evening Post souvenir supplement commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of the German Occupation of Jersey, May 9, 1945.

Reference: L/F/341/C/1

Date: May 3rd 1985 - May 3rd 1985

Paper giving details of the conditions in Jersey during the first years of the occupation. This paper was brought to England by a man who escaped from Jersey in September 1941. The paper includes details of the authority and control of the States of Jersey, rationing amounts of food and essential commodities. The paper also includes a list of red cross messages received in England from the Channel Islands between May and November 1941

Reference: L/F/39/1

Date: 1940 - 1941

Report titled Conditions as present existing in Channel Islands vouched for by the undersigned, P O Smith and O S Horman who escaped from Jersey end of September and mid-October. Signed by Patrick O Smith, Oscar Horman, Richard Queripel, D Le Lievre, Charles Bondis, R M Perrin, D Machon and F Touzel, all escapees from Jersey.

Reference: L/F/439/B/1

Date: October 31st 1944 - 1945

Account of the occupation of Jersey prepared during the second world war from a narrative given by Denis Vibert after his escape to England in September 1941 for information for the Allied Forces. Contains information on the escape, the local government, finance, agriculture and farming, food, fuel and clothing, black market, transport, the german military, Guernsey and Alderney.

Reference: L/F/57/C/1

Date: 1941 - 1945

Letter from Lieutenant General George Don, Government House to Lieutenant General Sir John Doyle enclosing a letter from Don to Mr Secretary Richard Ryder concerning Mr Guidon who had left France with Bonaparte's permission for Guernsey and whose brother in law facilitated the escape of General Simon

Reference: L/F/95/B/18

Date: June 13th 1812 - June 13th 1812

Photocopy of a Charge Sheet - charging Albert Chardine with supplying petrol to three escapees in May 1942 which resulted in his imprisonment

Reference: M/03/1

Date: June 11th 1942 - June 11th 1942

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