Dispute over precedents on the jurat's bench between Philippe Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares and Amyce de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/18

Date: February 25th 1681 - February 25th 1681

Extracts from the Seigneurial Court of the Fief de Nempmes/Niepmes [Niemes]

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/19

Date: February 25th 1681 - February 25th 1681

Extract from the Seigneurial Court of the Fief du Prieur de L'Islet, St Helier of the aveux of David Mauger

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/3

Date: February 5th 1783 - February 5th 1783

Rental of the Fief de Handois [?], 1643 - 1652, and Memorandum Book of rentes of Jean Fautrart , 1659 - 1663

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/4

Date: 1643 - 1663

Memorandum book of the Bournemont (boundaries) des chemins (roads) in the Les Mielles de Samares

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/5

Date: November 28th 1715 - November 28th 1715

Draft Mortgage between Sir Phillip de Carteret of the first party and Abraham Perrin Lord of the fee and the Lordship of Rozel of the second party. Records the mortgage of the property of Rozel by 2.

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/6

Date: July 23rd 1625 - July 23rd 1625

Draft Agreement between Philip de Carteret and Henry de la Marche and Jeanne Perrin his wife who renounce their interest in the Manor and Fief de Rozel

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/7

Date: February 15th 1626 - February 15th 1626

Before the Notaries of the Crown George de Carteret, Seigneur of Melleche [Meleches] has, by a Bail et Transport acquired from Francois de Carteret, Seigneur of Vinchelles [Vincheles] the Fief de Noirmom [Noirmont], St Brelade.

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/8

Date: June 21st 1652 - June 21st 1652

Extracts from the Regulations of the Royal Commissioners concerning rentes and the Extente of the Royal Revenues in Jersey for St Martin, 1607 and 1668

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/9

Date: 1591 - 1668

Records of the Seigneurial Court of the Fief Sauvalle, St Peter

Reference: L/F/101/A/11

Date: June 3rd 1588 - May 15th 1805

Extracts from the court of the Fief and Seigneurie of Trinity of cases involving Jean Nicolle former Prevost of the Fief and the service due by Philippe Le Breton, Lieutenant to Francoise Marie St Paul widow of Charles de Carteret tutrice of their children for her Fief [Fief de Trinity]

Reference: L/F/101/A/12

Date: October 7th 1735 - April 26th 1744

Livre d'Aveux ( book of statements of tenants) from the Court of the Fief and Seigneurie of Meleches [Indexed] Please note there are no entries between 1798 and 1821

Reference: L/F/101/A/13

Date: October 13th 1773 - November 6th 1822

Court Book of the Fief de Nobretez, St Peter

Reference: L/F/101/A/14

Date: May 25th 1579 - May 9th 1622

Court Book of the Fief de Vincheles de Haut

Reference: L/F/101/A/16

Date: -161-191 - December 21st 1615

Court Book of the Fief de St Jean la Hougue Boête, 08/06/1814 - 31/07/1834, includes a list of aveux from the Fief 08/06/1814 - 22/10/1833

Reference: L/F/101/A/17

Date: June 8th 1814 - July 31st 1834

Court Book of the Fief es Benests, 18/04/1632 - 19/06/1689, and 26/09/1694 - 28/06/1737 and the Fief des Arbres 11/01/1625 - 08/05/1672 [Volume includes loose papers]

Reference: L/F/101/A/18

Date: April 18th 1632 - June 28th 1737

Court Book of the Fief des Arbres

Reference: L/F/101/A/19

Date: October 9th 1672 - October 7th 1795

Fief Haubert, St Ouen, includes; names of persons occupying land on the Fief Haubert in 1802, appairiement of the Fief Haubert in 1674, appairiement of the Fief de Morville in 1667, appairiement of the Fief de Robillard, rental of rentes due to the Seigneur of St Ouen, appairiement of the Fief de Leoville, appairiement of the Fief de Vincheles de Haut, list of lands in the Fief Haubert and Seigneurie of St Ouen which owe services to the Seigneur in 1722, list of persons who owe aveux to Philippe de Carteret, Baronet, Seigneur of St Ouen in 1671.

Reference: L/F/101/A/2

Date: 1667 - 1802

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