West's Cinema to show films at the Opera House

Reference: B/A/L2/1

Date: May 16th 1945 - May 16th 1945

Complaints about seating, fire hazards and public safety at the Opera House from H H Killey, Mona Wee Villa, 62, St Marks Road, St Helier

Reference: B/A/L2/2

Date: May 28th 1945 - June 1st 1945

Orders and registration concerning the projection of films and hunting

Reference: B/A/W30/27

Date: November 4th 1940 - November 30th 1940

Correspondence file relating to Gambling on Horse Racing Films on Licenced Premises

Reference: B/D/A/G14 (4)

Date: July 17th 1972 - July 28th 1972

Bailiffs correspondence file relating to a film production [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7(762)

Date: March 23rd 1998 - March 30th 1998

Film of Royal Visits

Reference: B/D/G4

News reel of the Queen Mother's visit to the Channel Islands in May 1975. Presented to the Bailiff of Jersey by the Odeon (Theatre) Jersey Limited

Reference: B/D/G4/1

Date: April 30th 1975 - April 30th 1975

Correspondence between Impact Video Productions and the Jersey Museums Service re. proposed Occupation Video History Project

Reference: C/C/L/C16/1

Date: April 10th 1991 - April 22nd 1991

Moments in Time, volume 8 Simple Pleasures. A selection of films from the Jersey Film Archive created in 2001

Reference: C/D/P/H2/2

Date: 2001 - 2001

Petition to Major General A Wilson, Lieutenant Governor; William H V Vernon, Bailiff and the States of Jersey from the managers of 'Moving Picture Palaces' (Wests Picture Palace, The Opera House and the Alhambra) regarding the proposed bill to impose 'ad valorem' duty on all commodities and merchandise brought into the Island, requesting cinematographic films, which are generally rented from England, requesting the provisions of the proposed bill be varied for hired film and stock film. Lodged au Greffe

Reference: D/AP/U/114

Date: May 13th 1919 - May 13th 1919


Reference: D/AR/F

Tourism Film Library Promotional Literature (not dated)

Reference: D/AS/A5/7

Date: 1980 - 1989

Treasurer of the States and President of the Finance and Economics Committee's general correspondence and filing concerning The Crooked Mile [film]

Reference: D/AU1/A3/131

Date: May 30th 2000 - June 12th 2000

Civil Defence Films

Reference: D/G/C1/3

Date: 1934 - 1993

Radioactive Fall-Out Part 1. The Overall Situation. Restricted. This film must not be shown to the press or to unauthorised audiences. Copy no. 299. 16mm black/white sound film

Reference: D/G/C1/3/2

Date: 1957 - 1961

Radioactive Fall-Out Part 2. Fall-Out in the Damaged Area. Restricted. This film must not be shown to the press or to unauthorised audiences. Copy no. 299. 16mm black/white sound film

Reference: D/G/C1/3/3

Date: 1957 - 1961

Radioactive Fall-Out Part 3. Fall-Out in the Undamaged Area. Revised. Copy no. D/19. 16mm black/white sound film. Waxed

Reference: D/G/C1/3/4

Date: 1957 - February 14th 1962

Home Defence and the Farmer. Rank Film Library 16mm Productions. Colour. Sound. See also booklet at reference D/G/C1/2/2

Reference: D/G/C1/3/5

Date: 1961 - February 13th 1964

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