Copy letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Wray] to the Under Secretary of State Home Office acknowledging receipt of his telegram see A/C2/26/14 and listing the offences under which men could be fined or imprisoned

Reference: A/C2/26/16

Date: April 23rd 1887 - April 23rd 1887

Message from the Lieutenant Governor to C P Le Cornu, originally enclosed papers re 'militiamen who were fined and imprisoned during the past twelve months'

Reference: A/C2/26/17

Date: April 23rd 1887 - April 23rd 1887

Draft letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Wray] to Godfrey Lushington, Home Office details of militiamen who were fined or imprisoned during the past twelve months

Reference: A/C2/26/18

Date: April 25th 1887 - April 25th 1887

Copy letter from C B Ewart, Lieutenant-Governor to the Law Officers of the Crown requesting their opinion regarding the necessity for legal assistance for the presentation of Militiamen for the recovery of fines before the Petty Debts Court

Reference: A/C2/31/2

Date: March 28th 1892 - March 28th 1892

Letter from Captain J A Girlron [?] to the Assistant Adjutant General regarding the non-payment of a fine for being absent from Militia drills by Elie George Du Val of St Mary, advice that the matter should be reported to the Magistrate

Reference: A/C2/37/1

Date: December 21st 1898 - December 21st 1898

Letter from Peter Sohier to John Vaudin 'Juge d' Instruction' regarding the arrest of Elie George Du Val for non payment of a fine

Reference: A/C2/37/3

Date: December 24th 1898 - December 24th 1898

Letter from Thomas Le Riche Commis Greffier to Lt Colonel Ward Simpson, Government Secretary acknowledging receipt of his letter of 23 December and informing him of Elie Du Val's arrest and subsequent payment of his fine

Reference: A/C2/37/4

Date: December 27th 1898 - December 27th 1898

Letter from A Hilgrove Turner, Attorney Generals Chambers to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] originally enclosed with letter from Captain C Noyte-Bullock A/C2/41/19 re. 3 men absent from arms clothing opinion of the Attorney General that Article 19 of the Militia Law 1903 does not provide any means by which the fines can be inflicted

Reference: A/C2/41/22

Date: April 6th 1905 - April 6th 1905

Letter from the A Hilgrove Turner Attorney General's Chambers to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] regarding the case of Frederick Collas advise a fine for his insubordination

Reference: A/C2/43/27

Date: March 22nd 1907 - March 22nd 1907

Petition and related correspondence from Jean Gibaut to the Privy Council regarding a fine of £75 on him for not declaring spirits and his subsequent imprisonment

Reference: A/D3/22

Date: October 30th 1889 - November 30th 1889

Correspondence relating to the petition from Alfred Reynolds to the Secretary of State regarding his detention in prison after not paying a fine

Reference: A/D3/25

Date: June 9th 1891 - June 25th 1891

Petition and related correspondence from David Gavey, 103, Rouge Bouillon to the Secretary of States regarding the fine imposed upon him for non-attendance as Juror at the Criminal Assizes in Jersey

Reference: A/D3/26

Date: July 21st 1891 - August 4th 1891

Correspondence relating to the petition of Samuel Le Riche to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury asking for the remission or reduction of a fine imposed by the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/9

Date: September 27th 1883 - December 14th 1883

Order concerning the collection of fines with related papers

Reference: B/A/W30/72

Date: September 2nd 1941 - May 11th 1942

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes appointment of ministers, committees and panels, written questions, oral questions, questions without notice for the Minister for Home Affairs and the Chief Minister, Draft Companies (Amendment No. 10) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.185/2008), Draft Companies (Amendment No. 3) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.186/2009), Draft Summary of Fines (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.6/2009), Energy from Waste Facility: rescindment (P.8/2009) and amendments.

Reference: C/A12/140

Date: February 24th 2009 - February 24th 2009

Draft Income Tax (Amendment No. 12) (Jersey) Law, 1977, lodged by the Finance and Economics Committee

Reference: C/A606/1976/P115

Date: December 7th 1976 - December 7th 1976

Draft Policing of Beaches (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Regulations, 197 , lodged by the Tourism Committee

Reference: C/A606/1976/P117

Date: December 7th 1976 - December 7th 1976

Draft Motor Traffic (Third-Party Insurance) (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law, 197 , lodged by the Defence Committee

Reference: C/A606/1976/P84

Date: August 31st 1976 - August 31st 1976

Draft Harbours (Administration) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law, 197 , lodged by the Harbours and Airport Committee

Reference: C/A607/1977/P1

Date: January 4th 1977 - January 4th 1977

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