Copy on paper of extracts from the court roles of the Royal Court in Jersey. Lists a number of cases involving regulations concerning the cutting of vraic. The inhabitants of Jersey were forbidden to cut vraic and the Vicomte and Constables were ordered to patrol the beaches. Details of fines for the cutting of vraic are included in the document

Reference: L/C/47/A/69a

Date: June 8th 1616 - December 5th 1668

Note of a fine given to the manor of the Seigneur of Trinity, Charles de Carteret for failing to send a horse to the cavalry review

Reference: L/C/66/B12/9

Date: May 17th 1736

Note published on two consecutive Sundays concerning scholars use of the avenue belonging to the Seigneur of Trinity to reach their school. Any scholars using the avenue will be fined 10 livres and those who are found damaging the trees will be handed over to the Police.

Reference: L/C/66/B5/34

Date: November 3rd 1809 - November 3rd 1809

Letter to Elie Dumaresq concerning fines inflicted by the Royal Court with regard to the case of Daniel Tepin

Reference: L/C/67/C2/22

Date: October 11th 1715 - October 11th 1715

Extract from the Samedi Division of the Royal Court condeming Nicolas Fiott to pay a fine of 300 livres after his case with Pierre Mauger was judged to be malicious and frivolous

Reference: L/C/88/A/21

Date: February 25th 1764

Housing Department. A parking controller at Le Geyt Flats fixing a parking ticket to a car windscreen.

Reference: P/03/B6/06

Date: February 2nd 2000 - February 2nd 2000

Fines for possession of explosives without licence from the Receiver General in Jersey

Reference: T 1/11802

Date: 1915 - 1915

Petition of Sir Richard Lyttelton, Governor of Jersey, that fines should be allowed for the governor, 16 Jan 1767

Reference: T 1/460/15-16

Date: 1767 - 1767

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