Firearm Licences Register

Reference: F/N/L5/1

Date: November 24th 1879 - July 31st 1924

Firearm Licences Register

Reference: F/N/L5/2

Date: 1932 - 1942

Correspondence with the States Engineer's Office and the Government Office concerning the sale of guns and ammunition by George D Laurens

Reference: L/A/18/E5/1

Date: January 19th 1915 - July 30th 1927

Images taken for a feature on St Peter's Bunker Museum showing many of the German military aretefacts in the collection, including uniforms, vehicles, firearms, radio equipment and machinery.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/7340

Date: June 13th 1978 - June 13th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/7340

Images of Sergeant Arthur Holmes with a collection of firearms at the States of Jersey Police Headquarters, Rouge Bouillon, following growing concern amongst the police force regarding inadequacies in the island's firearms laws.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/1622

Date: September 4th 1979 - September 4th 1979

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/1622

Images of Michael W. Marks, (of 1, Prospect Cottages, Columbus Street) holding a shotgun and presenting his firearms licence. Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/2992

Date: February 6th 1980 - February 6th 1980

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/2992.

Letter from Edouard Robichon to Edward Champion concerning the requisition of firearms

Reference: L/C/112/B19/63

Date: April 3rd 1821

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 1, Page 20. Includes newscuttings of orders published in the Evening Post.

Reference: L/C/306/A/1/20

Date: October 10th 1940 - October 11th 1940

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 1, Page 95. Includes newscuttings from the Evening Post, signed messages by attendees at a gathering at British Hotel on the eve of the hotel being requisitioned, and a receipt for Beghin's in Guernsey with stamps.

Reference: L/C/306/A/1/95

Date: May 14th 1941 - May 21st 1941

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 4, Page 12. Includes: newscuttings concerning an order of the German military authorities registered by Act of the Royal Court published in the Evening Post relating to the possession of arms; a temporary identity card authorising Eric Ingram, employed by Theodor Elsche, to enter the construction site of the Normandie between 15-30 March 1942; and a copy of Red Cross message from Beatrice Saward in London to her friend Kenneth Britton of 40 Bath Street.

Reference: L/C/306/A/4/12

Date: March 15th 1942 - April 6th 1942

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 4, Page 26. Includes copies of orders registered by Acts of the Royal Court published in the Official Journal of the German Military Authority in France (VOBIF).

Reference: L/C/306/A/4/26

Date: March 23rd 1942 - April 11th 1942

Scrapbook kept by Helene Marie Sinnatt, née Jackson, during the Occupation. Book 6, Page 67. Includes newscuttings of articles and notices published in the Evening Post, including articles regarding the fourth voyage of the Red Cross ship SS Vega to the Channel Islands, and notices published in the On the Field of Honour column concerning the deaths on active service of members of the armed services.

Reference: L/C/306/A/6/67

Date: April 5th 1945 - April 25th 1945

Scrapbook No 3 compiled by Mr E J de Ste Croix. Includes cuttings from the Evening Post, labels from french suppliers to Jersey, ration notices, supply of footwear, curfew notices, advert for a German theatre comedy, warnings by the bailiff against loitering and damaging property of the occupying forces, the report and inquest into the death of James Patrick Fitzgerald and the injury of Lawrence Horgan when stepping on a landmine at Les Platons, Trinity, restrictions on fuel, notices on firearms, notices about the appearance of V sign propaganda around the island, order regarding fishing, requisitioning, an entry permit for one of the houses of the brothels, a card to enable german soldiers to obtain food whilst in transit, a notice warning of 5 years of imprisonment for stealing from the feldpost and 6-10 for stealing petrol from the army depot, an order relative to protection against acts of sabotage, an article about a film being made of the retreat of Dunkirk, a time sheet for local workers of Theodor Elsche, notice on the sentencing of Louis Berrier for releasing a pigeon with a message for England, the German answer to v sign propaganda, registration of vehicles, propaganda by the Germans against the British, football fixtures, the stopping of printing the Evening Post on thursday and a copy of Marshall Petain's telegram to Hitler expressing sympathy for attacks against German Forces in France.

Reference: L/D/25/M2/3

Date: May 20th 1941 - December 3rd 1941

Copy of an Order for the protection of the Occupying Authority published in the Evening Post.

Reference: L/F/341/B/1

Date: February 15th 1943 - February 15th 1943

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : A new book by David Dorgan - Jersey Militia 1337-1881 - A History

Reference: US/1581

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