Newscuttings and papers relating to the history of the Fire Brigade

Reference: A/D1/F9

Date: February 28th 1823 - January 7th 1989

Proposition Regarding Pensions Payable to Retired Members of the States Police Force and States Fire and Prison Services, lodged by the Establishment Committee

Reference: C/A607/1977/P52

Date: May 31st 1977 - May 31st 1977

Digital copy of the Transcript of Day 19 of the hearings for the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

Reference: C/D/AW15/TD000019

Date: October 2nd 2014 - October 2nd 2014

Digital copy of Exhibit [TM]3: [Principal's Report] submitted by [Thomas McKeon] to the Les Chênes School Advisory Sub-Committee. [Some details redacted]. [Undated, c. May 1979]. Used as evidence in relation to Thomas McKeon's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 19 June 2015, [C/D/AW2/B3/40/WS000598].

Reference: C/D/AW2/A7/47/WD006487/3

Date: May 1st 1979 - May 31st 1979

Project du loi relating to the free medical and dental services - Fire Service, 1957

Reference: D/AU/Y2/126

Date: 1957 - 1957

Project du loi relating to the free medical and dental treatment - fire service and police, 1957

Reference: D/AU/Y2/157

Date: 1957 - 1957

Projet du loi relating to the salaries of fire and police chief officers, 1963

Reference: D/AU/Y2/E/28

Date: 1963 - 1963

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/1

Date: June 4th 1959 - December 27th 1959

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/10

Date: February 11th 1963 - July 4th 1963

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/100

Date: February 12th 1991 - July 1st 1991

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/101

Date: July 1st 1991 - November 1st 1991

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/102

Date: November 1st 1991 - March 19th 1992

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/103

Date: March 19th 1992 - July 29th 1992

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/104

Date: July 29th 1992 - December 21st 1992

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/105

Date: December 21st 1992 - May 20th 1993

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/106

Date: May 20th 1993 - September 27th 1993

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/107

Date: September 27th 1993 - January 1st 1994

Minute/day book. [Indexed]

Reference: D/M/A/108

Date: January 1st 1994 - April 13th 1994

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