Accounts of financial assistance given to Spanish and Italian refugees living in Jersey by the British Government, with list of recipients, includes; copies of letters from Colonel H Touzel to Major General Lord Fitzroy Somerset concerning the same

Reference: A/B/3

Date: 1828 - 1831

Copy letter from H Gough, Lieutenant Governor to the Bailiff regarding Jean Herve and the decision to treat him as an alien for the purpose of military service

Reference: A/C2/41/12

Date: March 14th 1905 - March 14th 1905

File S4/1/11/1 Arrest and Detention of Aliens

Reference: A/C8/1

Date: July 27th 1939 - June 25th 1954

File S4/1/12/2 Defence [Public Security] Regulations

Reference: A/C8/14

Date: December 17th 1952 - April 14th 1962

File S4/1/12/3 Control of Passenger Travel-British Subjects

Reference: A/C8/15

Date: August 21st 1953 - September 17th 1956

File S4/1/11/2 Essential Personnel

Reference: A/C8/1a

Date: October 2nd 1953 - September 25th 1961

File S4/1/11/3 War instructions to Immigration Officers

Reference: A/C8/1b

Date: June 28th 1954 - November 9th 1977

Registration of Former Enemy Aliens (Disabilities Removal) Act, 1925

Reference: A/D1/A1/18

Date: October 16th 1925 - April 17th 1926

Extension of the Foreign Deserters Act, 1852

Reference: A/D1/A1/7

Date: August 18th 1892 - September 3rd 1892

Correspondence with the Home Office concerning official policy relating to aliens

Reference: A/D1/A2

Date: June 27th 1887 - July 11th 1988

Papers relating to the Law to modify the Law (1937) concerning non-resident peddlers and tradesmen

Reference: A/D1/L1/144

Date: February 27th 1952 - May 19th 1952

Precautions to be taken against undesirable aliens, includes lists of terrorists and the silver jubilee of George V

Reference: A/D1/S16/1

Date: October 20th 1934 - November 27th 1934

Papers relating to suspected enemy aliens, the Censorship Office and the Aliens Registration Office [Indexed]

Reference: A/E/1

Date: August 17th 1914 - October 9th 1915

Papers relating to; aliens travel permits, the police in Jersey, the Jersey Commercial Association, treatment of infectious diseases amongst the troops at Overdale Hospital, the National Relief Fund, the mail boat service, provision of medical services for the families of sailors in Jersey, the use of fireworks on bonfire night, declaration that Britain is now at war with Turkey

Reference: A/E/11/13

Date: August 29th 1914 - October 12th 1918

Papers relating to; alien travel permits, censorship of letters from James Le Couteur to Russian vessels, students at the Jesuit Ecclesiastical College, Maison St Louis, withdrawal of books containing drawings or photographs of HM ships, and curtailment of public lighting

Reference: A/E/11/15

Date: July 2nd 1915 - May 17th 1916

Series of telegrams relating to French and other aliens wishing to leave Jersey not being permitted to land at Southampton or Weymouth

Reference: A/E/11/3

Date: August 10th 1914 - August 14th 1914

Guidelines on the treatment of prisoners of war and suspected enemy aliens

Reference: A/E/11/5

Date: August 9th 1914 - August 13th 1914

Guidelines on the introduction of aliens from alien ports

Reference: A/E/11/7

Date: August 14th 1914 - September 11th 1914

Papers relating to travel permits for aliens, registration of travelling passengers and a proposed meeting of the Lieutenant Governor with German subjects in Jersey

Reference: A/E/11/8

Date: August 17th 1914 - August 19th 1914

Papers relating to suspected enemy aliens, the Censorship Office and the Aliens Registration Office

Reference: A/E/2

Date: October 15th 1915 - August 5th 1916

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