Location of Government House, improvements to staff cottages and building of the garage

Reference: A/D1/L3/5

Date: August 30th 1804 - February 6th 1976

Papers relating to the requisitioning of David Place Garage

Reference: B/A/W31/4/10

Date: January 20th 1941 - April 19th 1941

Request for breakdown permits for garages

Reference: B/A/W31/4/119

Date: May 8th 1944 - May 16th 1944

Papers relating to the garaging of buses

Reference: B/A/W31/4/122

Date: June 12th 1944 - June 16th 1944

Request for Cleveland and La Motte Garages to be connected to the telephone

Reference: B/A/W31/4/131

Date: July 11th 1944 - July 11th 1944

Correspondence relating to the charging of batteries of the civil population in Paragon Gararge.

Reference: B/A/W31/4/147

Date: November 11th 1944 - November 25th 1944

Correspondence concerning rent for Field Command Garage and hire of tank attendant

Reference: B/A/W31/4/186

Date: March 3rd 1942 - March 5th 1942

Memorandum concerning garaging of one more lorry at La Motte Garages

Reference: B/A/W31/4/190

Date: May 3rd 1944 - May 3rd 1944

Correspondence relating to the garaging of Field Command cars at La Motte Street Garage

Reference: B/A/W31/4/59

Date: February 18th 1943 - June 3rd 1943

Requisition of Primrose Garage, Esplanade, belonging to Mr Du Hamel

Reference: B/A/W40/8/157

Date: January 19th 1943 - January 19th 1943

Requisition of the garage belonging to Langford, Bagatelle Road

Reference: B/A/W40/8/188

Date: June 14th 1943 - June 14th 1943

Appeal for his garage to be rented for Island purposes from Cyril R Baker, Victoria House, Georgetown

Reference: B/A/W48/7

Date: October 9th 1940 - October 16th 1940

Requisitioning of a garage in St Brelade's Bay belonging to Mrs Jos Chan, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W92/1/51

Date: June 1st 1942 - June 4th 1942

Lease of Airport Land to La Motte Garages Limited, lodged by the Harbours and Airport Committee

Reference: C/A611/1981/P110

Date: September 29th 1981 - September 29th 1981

St. Brelade's Garages Limited Lease of Land, presented by the Harbours and Airport Committee and lodged by Deputy R W Blampied of St Helier

Reference: C/A614/1984/P52

Date: May 1st 1984 - May 1st 1984

Police Headquarters: Additional Garage and Office Space, lodged by the Defence Committee.

Reference: C/A618/1988/P62

Date: May 24th 1988 - May 24th 1988

La Motte Garages, La Rue A Don, Grouville: Lease, lodged by the Housing Committee

Reference: C/A622/1992/P101

Date: July 14th 1992 - July 14th 1992

Digital copy of Exhibit 5: Witness statement given by Witness 28 to the State of Jersey Police dated 12 March 2008 providing an account of their experiences of physical and sexual abuse during their time under the care of the States of Jersey at Haut de la Garenne. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Witness 28's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 15 January 2015 [C/D/AW1/B3/5/WS000334].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A1/2/WD002633/5

Date: March 12th 2008 - March 12th 2008

Digital copy of Minutes of a Meeting of the Brig-y-don Committee. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/3/WD005023

Date: July 26th 1993 - July 26th 1993

Digital copy of a Report submitted by Detective Constable 74 D B Mallet regarding charges brought against two residents of Haut de la Garenne, including Witness 43. [Some details redacted]. For the transcript of Witness 43's tape recorded interview with the States of Jersey Police dated 18 July 2008, see C/D/AW1/B1/2/1/1/WS000124.

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/2/WD000961

Date: May 9th 1977 - May 9th 1977

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