Account of garrison wages, provisions in store and expenses at Mont Orgueil under Hugh Poulet

Reference: 154/67-68

Date: 1564

Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Don's, Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/2

Date: September 7th 1808 - December 6th 1809

Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Sir T H Turner and Major General Sir H M Gordon's, Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/3

Date: June 19th 1815 - January 23rd 1821

Lieutenant Governors, Major General Sir H M Gordon, Major General Sir Colin Halkett, Sir E Gibbs, and Major General Sir J H Reynett's, Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/4

Date: January 21st 1820 - December 2nd 1847

Lieutenant Governors, Major General Sir W Thornton and Major General Sir A Campbell , Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/5

Date: December 9th 1830 - July 4th 1836

Lieutenant Governors, Major General Sir W Thornton, Major General Sir A Campbell, Sir E Gibbs', Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/6

Date: December 24th 1830 - January 25th 1843

Ledger of Lieutenant Governor's accounts with the Treasury, includes; copy letters concerning accounts and summaries, 1816 - 1840, annual contingent accounts, 1824 - 1829, report of inspections of garrison battalions by Governor Halket

Reference: A/B/2

Date: 1816 - 1842

Garrison General Orders [Indexed]

Reference: A/C1/2

Date: February 21st 1818 - May 18th 1822

Letter from E Guille, St Luke's Church to General Guy does not want to cause offence to Reverend Filleul by allowing the garrison to use the Church for their services

Reference: A/C2/13/20

Date: August 9th 1870 - August 9th 1870

Post Office Telegraph from the War Office to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] disclaiming the report that a Battalion is only being sent to Jersey as inducement to the States to pass the Militia Law amendments

Reference: A/C2/41/45

Date: September 14th 1905 - September 14th 1905

The Lieutenant Governor's [Major General Hugh Sutley Gough] statement in the States to dispel the rumours that 'His Majesty's Government has only promised to send a Regiment to Jersey as an inducement to the States to pass the Militia Law amendments

Reference: A/C2/41/46

Date: September 15th 1905 - September 15th 1905

Copy letter from H Gough Lieutenant Governor to Sir George Clarke, Secretary to the Imperial Defence Committee regarding the return of a regiment to garrison Jersey

Reference: A/C2/41/9

Date: March 6th 1905 - March 6th 1905

Correspondence regarding the secret matter of retaining the garrison of regular troops in the Channel Islands between the Under Secretary of State Home Office and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Reference: A/C2/47/2

Date: June 17th 1913 - July 2nd 1913

Précis of the events connected with the withdrawal of the Regular Battalion from Jersey and the subsequent return of another, together with extracts from official correspondence bearing on the subject - not dated

Reference: A/C2/47/3

Date: 1897 - 1905

Miscellaneous correspondence concerning the army, includes; military discipline, relief from taxation for soldiers and sailors, remembrance ceremonies and demobilisation - the Unemployed soldiers and sailors (Donation) Bill

Reference: A/D1/M20/A

Date: August 19th 1880 - October 25th 1988

Miscellaneous correspondence concerning the army, includes; military discipline, enlistment, and repairs to Bonne Nuit Barracks

Reference: A/D1/M20/B

Date: January 5th 1889 - May 1st 1903

Miscellaneous correspondence concerning the army, includes; military discipline, imports of potatoes for the troops, Jerseymen serving in the forces and the establishment of the King's Fund

Reference: A/D1/M20/C

Date: July 21st 1904 - June 11th 1938

Correspondence and papers relating to the old Guard Houses or Piquet Houses in the Royal Square, at Cheapside and at West Park

Reference: A/D1/M20/D

Date: August 19th 1886 - February 18th 1920

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