Proposal of General Schmetzer - includes references to requisitioning

Reference: B/A/W92/1/1

Date: July 25th 1941 - July 25th 1941

Records relating to the Quarry at Mont Pinel

Reference: B/A/W92/1/10

Date: January 20th 1942 - February 6th 1942

Requisition of quarries

Reference: B/A/W92/1/11

Date: January 27th 1942 - February 11th 1942

Proposal for the construction of road along Rue de Bas, St Lawrence

Reference: B/A/W92/1/12

Date: February 10th 1942 - February 14th 1942

Requisition of two street rollers

Reference: B/A/W92/1/13

Date: February 10th 1942 - February 18th 1942

Requisition of a concrete mixer

Reference: B/A/W92/1/14

Date: February 18th 1942 - February 18th 1942

Paper relating to the registration of spoken English and German [? - language difficulties]

Reference: B/A/W92/1/15a

Date: February 21st 1942 - February 21st 1942

Map of land at Goose Green Marsh, Beaumont which is to be used for a bakery for the troops

Reference: B/A/W92/1/15b

Date: February 23rd 1942 - February 23rd 1942

Requisition of space for a room for a bakery for the troops

Reference: B/A/W92/1/16

Date: February 11th 1942 - February 24th 1942

Requisition of land at Le Thiebaut, Mont Pinel belonging to Mrs Le Cornu, Hillside, Mont Pinel - see also B/A/W40/8/51

Reference: B/A/W92/1/17

Date: February 24th 1942 - February 28th 1942

Requisition of a typewriter and a strongbox belonging to the Victor Hugo Hotel

Reference: B/A/W92/1/18

Date: March 2nd 1942 - March 4th 1942

Demands for agricultural land for building

Reference: B/A/W92/1/19

Date: March 11th 1942 - March 11th 1942

Requisition of land in Bellozanne Valley - includes map

Reference: B/A/W92/1/2

Date: December 6th 1941 - December 6th 1941

Felling of trees

Reference: B/A/W92/1/20

Date: February 27th 1942 - March 11th 1942

Requisition of a fishermans hut in Rozel Bay belonging to Mr J Marie, Savile Street, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W92/1/21

Date: March 14th 1942 - March 14th 1942

Requisition of land on the West Coast of Jersey

Reference: B/A/W92/1/22

Date: March 6th 1942 - March 16th 1942

Requisition of a grain house

Reference: B/A/W92/1/23

Date: March 10th 1942 - March 16th 1942

Requisition of St Peter's Quarry

Reference: B/A/W92/1/24

Date: February 28th 1942 - March 20th 1942

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