Vente de Rente between Philippe Dumaresq son of Jean son of Elie of the first party and Susanne Messervy widow of Jean Tocque tutrice of Anne Jeanne Tocque one of her younger daughters. Records the sale in perpetuity from 1 to 2 of 7 quartiers 5 cabots of wheat of rente annually payable on the feast of St Michael for the sum of 2, 287 Livres 6 Sous Selon. Registered Livre 86 folio 223

Reference: L/F/57/21

Date: July 28th 1798 - July 28th 1798

Tutelle between Carterette Le Cappelain widow of Edouard Le Couteur, William Du Heaume, Pierre Clement, Philippe Mauger, Jean Le Couteur, Edouard Le Couteur,and Philippe Nicolle who have gathered to choose a Tuteur or Tutrice for the children of the said late Edouard Le Couteur and his widow, who is chosen as Tutrice for her children. Registered Livre 20 folio 8

Reference: L/F/57/22

Date: December 16th 1815 - December 16th 1815

Account and record of the tutelle of the children of the late Elie Marett

Reference: L/F/76/B/34

Date: June 1st 1872 - April 22nd 1891

Leaflet issued by the Public Registry entitled 'Property Registration in Jersey from the 16th Century to the 21st Century' - 2001

Reference: US/616

Date: 2001 - 2001

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