Registration form issued to Karl Greier, hair stylist, granting him a residence permit from 30 March 1942 until further notice in St Veit an der Glan, Karten [Carinthia]. Includes dates of renewal of Mr Greier's registration.

Reference: L/C/258/A/7

Date: March 30th 1942 - October 12th 1943

Proof of Employment card of Karl Greier, born 28 December 1906, issued by Land Kärnten [State of Carinthia] relating to his employment as a hair stylist in St Veit an der Glan.

Reference: L/C/258/B/10

Date: November 8th 1947 - January 3rd 1948

Registration Form for Subtenants and Roommates relating to Karl Greier's residence at Neuglandorf 12, St Donat, St Veit [an der Glan] from 22 January 1948. Signed by A Greier.

Reference: L/C/258/B/12

Date: January 22nd 1948 - January 22nd 1948

Letter from A Journeaux for the Chief Aliens Officer to Mr Charles W Leader, 3 The Terrace, Grosvenor Street, St Helier informing him that a permit had been granted to Karl Greier, an Austrian subject, to be employed by Mr Leader as a ladies' hairdresser for a period of twelve months.

Reference: L/C/258/B/9

Date: November 3rd 1947 - November 3rd 1947

Certificate of Naturalization signed by George Erskine, Lietuenant Governor of Jersey and C C Cunningham, Under Secretary of State [of the Home Office] granting Karl Adalbert Greier citizenship of the United Kingdom under the British Nationality Act 1948. Includes an oath of allegience to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Heirs and Successors signed by Karl Greier and countersigned by C Harrison, Deputy Bailiff of Jersey.

Reference: L/C/258/C/1

Date: September 27th 1961 - October 14th 1961

Copy of an article by Margaret J Ginns published in the Channel Islands Occupation Society Review 1981 titled Karl Greier - Reluctant Soldier. Includes copies of photographs and documents from Mr Greier's personal collection and a map showing key locations referred to in the article.

Reference: L/C/258/E/1

Date: 1981 - 1981

Biography of Karl Adalbert Greier by Johanna Greier titled Book Nine: The biography of my father, Karl Adalbert Greier.

Reference: L/C/258/E/2

Date: 2012 - 2012

Hermann Rentsch Aliens Registration Certificate

Reference: L/C/357

Date: 1934 - 1961

Aliens Registration Certificate

Reference: L/C/357/A

Date: 1934 - 1961

Matisse Hairdressing and Boutique and Downer Limited Newsagents and Post Office in St Aubin's Village.

Reference: p/03/196/14

Date: December 30th 2000 - December 30th 2000

Kenneth Mallett having his hair cut into a "number 4" by Sam in Salon Figaro, Burlington Arcade, St Saviour's Road, St Helier. Kenneth is nearly 13 years old, and he began having his hair cut at Salon Figaro when he was just three years old.

Reference: p/03/368/09

Date: July 27th 2000 - July 27th 2000

Ernie Mallett having his hair cut into a "number 4" by Angelo in Salon Figaro, Burlington Arcade, St Saviour's Road, St Helier. Angelo's father comes from Sicily and owns the business. He has been here for over 40 years.

Reference: p/03/368/10

Date: July 27th 2000 - July 27th 2000

Maria Mallett standing outside "Eclipse" hairdressers in St Martin, before going inside for a hair appointment.

Reference: p/03/418/21

Date: August 25th 2000 - August 25th 2000

Maria Mallett outside "Eclipse" hairdresser in St Martin, having just had her hair done.

Reference: p/03/418/23

Date: August 25th 2000 - August 25th 2000

Lawrence Daws and Jamie Pitman at Shaper's hairdresser's.

Reference: P/03/440/06

Date: November 15th 2000 - November 15th 2000

Sandra Rodrigues and Suzanna Sylva at the hairdresser's.

Reference: P/03/440/07

Date: November 15th 2000 - November 15th 2000

Cheryl Perry (hairdresser) and Kay Le Quesne (client) at Shaper's Hairdressers .

Reference: P/03/440/08

Date: November 15th 2000 - November 15th 2000

Patricia Rodda, hairdresser, with day care patient Mrs Padgham, in the Communicare Centre, St Brelade.

Reference: p/03/505/19

Date: November 8th 2000

Alison Gates having a hair dried by Siobhan Alisden at Blades Hairdressing Salon in St Peter, Alison Gates is pregnant and her baby is due on this day.

Reference: P/03/97/14

Date: January 19th 2000 - January 19th 2000

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