Architect John Williams plans showing ground and first floor of the Syvret House, plan and elevation of open shed and tea room, section and elevation of shop, open shed and tea room.

Reference: C/D/P/E1/3

Date: November 5th 1991 - November 22nd 1991

Architect John Williams plans and drawings showing the shop: plan, section, details, elevation to courtyard and desk layout. Syvret House: gates to entrance north end, ground floor and panelling for hall. Electrical schedule and electrical layout: west and east ground floor, first floor and lofts.

Reference: C/D/P/E1/4

Date: February 15th 1992 - November 18th 1992

Architect John Williams plans showing temporary works for phase 2 restoration of the Langlois building; proposed plan and elevations and sections for the rebuilding of the dipping well

Reference: C/D/P/E1/5

Date: January 14th 1993 - July 3rd 1993

Architect John Williams plans showing phase 2 of the restoration of the Langlois Building, phase 2 of the restoration of the Colombier and phase 2 programme

Reference: C/D/P/E1/6

Date: January 26th 1994 - January 31st 1994

Craft Design Plans supplied by D Byrant, Model & Allied Publications Ltd of a 'Great Wheel' and an 'English Traditional Spinning Wheel'

Reference: C/D/P/E1/8

Date: 1980 - 1980

Sir Francis Cook Gallery

Reference: C/D/P/F


Reference: C/D/P/F1


Reference: C/D/P/G1

Proposals for a Maritime Museum for Jersey, Jersey Museums Service (February)

Reference: C/D/P/G1/1

Date: 1988 - 1988

St Helier Waterfront Study Planning Brief, States of Jersey Island Development Committee, foreword by W Whitfield (August)

Reference: C/D/P/G1/2

Date: 1989 - 1989

Strategic Appraisal and 10 year action plan, Waterfront Enterprise Board - a consultative document (September)

Reference: C/D/P/G1/3

Date: 1994 - 1994

Presenting Jersey - A Plan for Interpreting the Island prepared for States of Jersey, Island Development Committee by Centre for Environmental Interpretation, Manchester Polytechnic, (April)

Reference: C/D/P/G1/4

Date: 1991 - 1991

St Helier Waterfront Plan, Andrews Downie and Partners Architects

Reference: C/D/P/G1/5

Date: May 22nd 1991 - May 22nd 1991

Jersey Heritage Trust 'Jersey's New Maritime Museum' (including plans and drawings)

Reference: C/D/P/G1/6

Date: November 14th 1995 - November 14th 1995

Maritime Museum contract drawings, Quérée Architects and Ross Gower Associates

Reference: C/D/P/G2/1

Date: January 2nd 1996 - June 24th 1996

Bills of Quantities for Proposed Maritime Museum and Contract agreement signed by Quérée Architects and Woodward Burton Associates

Reference: C/D/P/G2/2

Date: June 24th 1996 - June 24th 1996


Reference: C/D/P/G3

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