Images of singer and impersonator Joseph Patrick 'Joe' Longthorne, at El Rancho, St. John.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/2/4947

Date: September 7th 1977 - September 7th 1977

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1977/4947.

Images of female impressionist Faith Brown at the Mayfair Hotel who was in the Island for the annual ball of the Variety Club [from JEP 02/12/1978 p III].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/8930

Date: November 24th 1978 - November 24th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/8930

Images of the comedian and impressionist Mike Yarwood at Jersey Airport upon his arrival in the island.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/1357

Date: August 3rd 1979 - August 3rd 1979

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/1357

Images of comedian and impressionist Mike Yarwood performing at Gloucester Hall, Fort Regent.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/1367

Date: August 5th 1979 - August 5th 1979

Photographer: Reg Cridland

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/1367

Images of comedian and impressionist Mike Yarwood at the Grand Hotel. Elizabeth Castle can be seen in the background of Images A - E and J - L.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/1394

Date: August 8th 1979 - August 8th 1979

Photographer: Glenn Rankine

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/1394

Images of an Elvis Presley impersonator and tribute act performing at the Jersey Opera House, 3 Gloucester Street, St Helier.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/4/406

Date: April 30th 1979 - April 30th 1979

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1979/406

Images of singer and impressionist Joe Longthorne, who had a summer show at the Lido de France, being interviewed by reporter Tony Webster [from JEP 30/08/1980 p II].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/5130

Date: August 26th 1980 - August 26th 1980

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/5130

Jersey Talking Magazine-January Edition (User Copy). Introduction by Gordon Young. Cooking Feature-Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for the making of soup. Nature Feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about ducks with examples of duck noises. Beth Lloyd interviewing Faith Brown, an impressionist about how she became an impressionist, how she does her impressions, practising the impressions, giving examples of her impressions, hiding behind her impressions, visiting America, an impression of Margaret Thatcher talking about Jersey and meeting Kate Bush. Headmaster of Trinity School Roland Heaven singing 'Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes' from The Gondoliers from the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Beth Lloyd interviewing Mrs Clement-Robson about the dried fish industry in Newfoundland about how the industry began, when her grandfather went to Newfoundland in 1835 and created the business de Gruchy, Renouf, Clement and Company at La Poile and later at Channel and Burgeo, La Poile which was later bought by a Le Seelleur, the other Jersey businesses-Falle's, the Robin family at Gaspé, how the fishes were dried and the length of time it took, where the fishes were sold in Europe, the origins of the crew-some were Jersey. The Gilbert and Sullivan Society singing 'Once More Gondolieri'. End of Side One. D'Hautrée School's account of the Battle of Jersey on the occasion of its bicentenary with a summary of its events and an account of how the people felt when experiencing it based on the letters of Charles Poingdestre to Charles de Carteret, including children acting out the parts of Pierre Journeaux, the pilot, Baron de Ruellecourt, Falle, a member of the militia, Moses Corbet, the lieutenant governor, Adjutant Harrison, a British officer and Major Peirson, the commanding officer including a letter to Major Peirson's father from the States of Jersey in tribute. John Shield singing 'I am the Very Model of a Model Major-General'. Horoscope Feature-Diane Postlethwaite giving a forecast for sagittarius and capricorn. Gordon Young ends with a humorous story. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/50

Date: 1981-01 - 1981-01

Jersey Talking Magazine-January Edition, original cassette copy.

Reference: R/05/B/50/1

Date: 1981-01 - 1981-01

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