Registration of the Administration of Estates (Small Payments) Act, 1965

Reference: A/D1/A1/135

Date: November 19th 1965 - March 22nd 1966

Petition and related correspondence from Francis Marett of Avranche, Fief de la Reine, St Lawrence to the Lords Commissioners of HM's Treasury relating to his inheritance of Avranche from Philip Marett, his brother and the claim for money from the Receiver General

Reference: A/D3/21

Date: November 26th 1889 - January 21st 1890

Correspondence re. payment of an inheritance in foreign exchange, collected for the supplies of the civil population

Reference: B/A/W42/8

Date: January 28th 1942 - February 3rd 1942

Bailiffs correspondence regarding an individual family inheritance matter [folder contains multiple files numbered 581-673 catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7 (594)

Date: October 11th 1994 - October 11th 1994

Draft Housing (General Provisions) (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Regulations, 198 , lodged by the Housing Committee

Reference: C/A610/1980/P156

Date: December 9th 1980 - December 9th 1980

Report of the Housing Committee on the Draft Housing (General Provisions) (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Regulations, 198 .

Reference: C/A610/1980/P156A

Date: December 9th 1980 - December 9th 1980

Report on Proposed Reform of the Law on Wills and successions, lodged by the Leglistation Committee

Reference: C/A610/1980/P159

Date: December 23rd 1980 - December 23rd 1980

Draft Customary Law Amendment (No. 2) (Jersey) Law, 198 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A613/1983/P35

Date: March 15th 1983 - March 15th 1983

Fief de Morville copy of court roll. Seigneur takes possession of property of those dying without heirs and notice has taken possession of a close of land formerly owned by John Le Marquand

Reference: D/AL/A/1/35

Date: 1702 - 1703

Papers relating to legal case concerning the estate of La Hague between the heirs of Philip de Carteret, son of Francis, and Philip de Carteret. Includes: Philip Carteret's appointment of John, Lord Carteret as his attorney, 1737. Letter from Philip Le Geyt to John Anthony Balaquier relating to his observations on the case, with his reply, 1738-1739

Reference: D/AL/A/1/43

Date: 1737 - 1739

Draft bill amending the formalities for the people who act on behalf of heirs, lodged au Greffe. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/4/13

Date: October 25th 1860 - October 25th 1860

Royal Trust. Jersey File. Offshore Trusts and the Finance Act 1986

Reference: D/G/A1/2/10A/17/9

Date: 1986-11 - 1986-11

Poursuites criminelles register - entry for Josué Baudains, debtors prisoner, eldest son of the late Michel Baudains, concerning the succession of his his father's estate

Reference: D/Y/G1/5/100

Date: September 23rd 1811 - January 16th 1816

File of the legal opinions of Advocate R H Le Masurier, Messrs Le Masurier, Giffard and Poch, 23, Hill Street, St Helier - mostly consists of inheritance cases. Needs to be numbered and catalogued by case before opening to the public.

Reference: D/Z/H12/1

Date: December 31st 1948 - May 11th 1955

Contract relating to the divisions of the portions of the inheritance and goods of Jean Le Sueur between Jean Le Sueur, Philippe Le Sueur, Charles Le Sueur and Elizabeth Le Sueur.

Reference: L/C/103/A/1/79

Date: April 16th 1838 - April 16th 1838

Partages des heritages of the late Elie Coutanche. Contains details of three lots of the inheritance for Anne Noel, his widow, including details of property owned and rentes to be paid by the heirs of Elie Coutanche.

Reference: L/C/103/A/6/2

Date: 1756 - 1756

Remonstrance between Daniel du Val of the first party and Nicolas Le Bas his curateur of the second party. 1 makes a complaint against 2 that he has yet to receive the net product of his inheritance.

Reference: L/C/105/A1/18

Date: September 30th 1801 - September 30th 1801

List of inheritance received by Philippe Sauvage from the partition of his father Jean's héritage

Reference: L/C/110/A/38

Date: February 24th 1842 - February 24th 1842

Extracts from the Royal Court concerning a case between Abraham Hamptonne who leased a house and land from Edouard Robichon (now deceased) and Philippe Le Gros the principal heir of Edouard Robichon

Reference: L/C/112/B15/1

Date: 1833 - 1834

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