Extracts from the Royal Court concerning a case between Abraham Hamptonne who leased a house and land from Edouard Robichon (now deceased) and Philippe Le Gros the principal heir of Edouard Robichon

Reference: L/C/112/B15/1

Date: 1833 - 1834

Action between Marie Neel principle heir of the succession of the late Marie Le Vavasseur dit Durell and Jean Robichon acting on behalf of Elizabeth Neel his wife concerns the movable succession of Marie

Reference: L/C/112/B19/12

Date: October 2nd 1779

Account of the succession of the late Elizabeth Neel's partage between Edouard Robichon, Elizabeth Robichon and Marie Robichon

Reference: L/C/112/B19/14

Date: 1782

Note of a case between Jean Amy son of Jean heir of Elizabeth Amy and Aaron de Veulle concerning the inheritance of Elizabeth Amy

Reference: L/C/112/B19/9

Date: June 6th 1778

Papers concerning the inheritance of Elizabeth Robichon, including account of Thomas Sohier with Philippe Le Gros and account of Moreau Amy

Reference: L/C/112/B2/17

Date: 1830

Bail à fin d'héritages between Francois Amy, Philippe Amy and Edouard Amy, of the first party and Jean Houper, of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of all their shares in the inheritance of dower form their mother Rachel Houper and her mother Collette Aubin. The sale is for the sum of 10 cabots of wheat of rente

Reference: L/C/12/F/30

Date: June 3rd 1648 - June 3rd 1648

Partage de héritages between Jean Houper Junior and his brothers Jean, Clement and Pierre as heirs of their father.

Reference: L/C/12/F/32

Date: October 22nd 1652 - October 22nd 1652

Account of the inheritance of John Le Cornu Blampied of Rossmore, Vallée des Vaux, St Helier principal heir to the estate of his later mother Mary Ann Le Quesne from Oliver Mourant, solicitor, 16, Hill Street

Reference: L/C/130/B/7

Date: August 23rd 1920 - March 9th 1921

Copy wills of realty and personalty John Le Cornu Blampied of number 10 The Parade St Helier

Reference: L/C/130/B/8

Date: October 1st 1927 - October 1st 1927

Estate of the late Adolphus John Blampied. Calculation of the Dower of Mary Ann Blampied Le Quesne widow of thew deceased and of land allotted to Jack and to the other three children.

Reference: L/C/130/B/9

Date: October 1st 1927 - October 1st 1927

Copy of an Order in Council concerning a petition and appeal from Mary Valpy alias Janvrin alias Melvill daughter of Elias Valpy alias Janvrin one of the younger children of the late Daniel Valpy alias Janvrin. Relates to the estate of Daniel Valpy alias Janvrin. [Names are indexed as Valpy dit Janvrin]

Reference: L/C/131/F/9

Date: December 21st 1763 - December 21st 1763

Agreements made between Louisa Maria Esther La Cloche and Matilda Ann La Cloche with Ivy C La Cloche, George La Cloche and C E La Cloche concerning the estate of the late Florence Mary La Cloche

Reference: L/C/131/J14/2

Date: October 29th 1929 - October 29th 1929

Bertha Annie La Cloche

Reference: L/C/131/J15

Copies of the wills of real and personal property of Bertha Annie La Cloche

Reference: L/C/131/J15/1

Date: 1946 - 1951

Sale of Inheritance signed in front of Isaac Delpeck, Public Notary between Pierre Durand and Jeanne de Carteret la Cloche his wife living in the Parish of St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex, Durand is also appearing on behalf of his sister in law, Elizabeth de la Cloche, both Jeanne and Elizabeth are daughters of the late Jean de la Cloche of Jersey of the first party and Edouard de la Cloche brother of Jeanne and Elizabeth of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of all the inheritance they received on the death of their father.

Reference: L/C/131/J7/2

Date: September 6th 1703 - September 6th 1703

Reverend Peter Beauvoir

Reference: L/C/131/K6

Copy of the Will and Testament of Reverend Peter Beauvoir of Downham Hall, Essex. Dated 27/07/1800. Makes a considerable of bequests of money and shares to servants. Bequeaths his real estate to Edward Benyon second son of the late Richard Benyon of Englefield House, Berkshire.

Reference: L/C/131/K6/1

Date: September 12th 1821 - September 12th 1821

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