Note concerning the lease from Francois Marett, Receiver of the Revenues of HM to Jean Gibaut of the succession of Elizabeth Gibaut his sister who died without heirs

Reference: L/C/174/B/54

Date: October 2nd 1747 - October 2nd 1747

Dower rights agreement between Jean Gibaut, son and principal heir of the late Abraham Gibaut of the first party and Elizabeth Le Cras widow of the said Abraham of the second party. The second party receives as her dower rights; a life enjoyment of the house called La Croisée with a small stable and land.

Reference: L/C/174/B/55

Date: December 2nd 1747 - December 2nd 1747

Account of Clement Estur for his part of the movables debts of the late Jeanne Esnouf his mother

Reference: L/C/174/B/6

Date: 1707 - 1713

Action between Marie Remon principal heir to the succession of the late Guilleaume Remon, her brother who was eldest son and principal heir of the late Guilleaume Remon and Marie de la Perrelle his wife of the first party and Anne Remon younger daughter of the late Guilleaume and Marie of the second party. Concerns the partition of the héritage of Guilleaume and Marie

Reference: L/C/174/B/67

Date: October 8th 1772 - October 8th 1772

Agreement between Elizabeth Neel younger daughter of the late Jean Neel and Thomas Renouf on behalf of Marie Neel, his wife, eldest daughter and principal heir of the late Jean Neel concerning the movable goods of the late Jean Neel.

Reference: L/C/174/B/68

Date: May 6th 1774 - May 6th 1774

Act between Jean Gibaut eldest son and principal heir of the late Jean Gibaut of the first party and Pierre Mauger administrator of the goods of Abraham Gibaut, Charles Gibaut and Marie Gibaut the younger children of the late Jean. Concerns the héritages of Jean.

Reference: L/C/174/B/75

Date: October 9th 1777 - October 9th 1777

Accord between Jeanne Sprague daughter of George and Sara Chevaillier his wife, principal heir to the succession of the late Thomas Chevaillier her Uncle of the first party and Abraham Gibaut and Elizabeth Neel his wife, widow of Elie Chevaillier principal heir during his lifetime of the late Thomas Chevaillier of the second party. Concerns the division of the héritage of the late Thomas Chevaillier

Reference: L/C/174/B/93

Date: November 27th 1789 - November 27th 1789

Acts of the States relating to the law on division of inheritances and for amending the law of evidence in prosecutions at the suit of the crown

Reference: L/C/231/B1/11

Date: February 13th 1851 - April 24th 1851

Correspondence between Lee Durrell and Mtr. Margerit, Notaire, regarding inheritance tax on French Property, 1995-1996

Reference: L/C/317/F3/17

Date: 1995 - 1996


Reference: L/C/323/B

Wills and Testaments

Reference: L/C/323/B1

Extract from the Ecclesiastical Court of Jersey of the testament of Francois Guilleaume Collas, he leaves 100 livres of old French currency to the parish of St Martin and £100 to his cousin Martha Maria Collas wife of John Thomas Walker and a shilling each to her children, to his pupil Edward Collas Luscombe Wilshere his pupil, son of the Reverend Edward C Wilshere and Elizabeth Collas the sum of £5 among other small bequests

Reference: L/C/323/B1/1

Date: February 4th 1867 - February 4th 1867

Claim of Thomas Le Breton Pipon to inheritance from Jeanne Le Breton his mother including the Seigneurie of la Hague - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/C5/15

Date: 1820 - 1840

Extract from the Cour du Héritage concerning an action between Thomas Romeril, Jean Romeril son of Clement and Philippe Romeril, heirs of Philippe Romeril and Abraham Benest senior and Jeanne Romeril his wife, daughter of the late Philippe.

Reference: L/C/66/B4/13

Date: January 16th 1735 - January 16th 1735

Extracts from the Royal Court of a case between members of the Dumaresq Family concerning inheritance

Reference: L/C/66/D/12

Date: May 24th 1748

Letter Book of Philip Pipon when he was King's Receiver for Jersey includes references to; troubles with the collection of the King's revenues, problems with currency, lawsuits upholding the Sovereigns Perogatives with the guardian of the children of Jean Le Hardy, the succession of the manor of Longueville, lawsuit with Pierre Seale concerning a stone staircase adjoining his house at St Aubin, and family letters [Partial Index]

Reference: L/C/67/C1/3

Date: November 7th 1713 - February 11th 1718

Letter Book of Philip Pipon, 1718 - 1725 and James Pipon, 1725 - 1735 concerning the dispute between Philip Pipon and Joshua Pipon his brother in law over the St Mary's tithes, lawsuit against Peter Seale, correspondence with Laurens Payne and family letters. James Pipons letters concern; the inheritance of Noirmont and its debts from his father, and the appeal against the judgement of Court concerning his mother's dowry from her first husband

Reference: L/C/67/C1/4

Date: March 31st 1718 - February 10th 1736

Pipon Family Papers - Bundle 15, includes; extracts from the Prevosts of St Peter conerning cases relating to Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin, Nicolas Remon tuteur of Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin junior and Jeanne Remon widow of Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin

Reference: L/C/67/F15

Date: 1720 - 1746

Pipon Family Papers - Bundle 18, includes; agreement over the division of héritage belonging to Benjamin Dumaresq, notes on the héritage of Anne Seale, extracts from the public registry, accounts of James Pipon, accounts of Richard Dumaresq, claim of James Pipon to dower rights through his mother from the heirs of Rozel, copy of the marriage contract between Jean de Carteret and Anne de Carteret, agreement between Philip Durell and Culling Smith concerning the Manor of Newberry and account of Anne Pipon

Reference: L/C/67/F18

Date: 1650 - 1800

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