Baille et Vendon contract between Mrs Jeanne Malzard, wife of Mr Philippe Laurens of the first party and Mr Jacques Guillet of the second party. For Clos de Terre and Clos de la Blanche 3 quartiers of wheat are to be paid annually.

Reference: L/F/37/J/E/2

Date: April 30th 1770 - April 30th 1770

Recognition in court that Drouet Lempriere is the heir of the late Thomas de St Martin by right of his mother - the sister of Thomas de St Martin. In front of John Payn, Lieutenant Bailiff of Thomas Lempriere, Bailiff, and Pierre de Carteret and Regnault Le Loureur, Jurats of the King

Reference: L/F/57/2

Date: June 27th 1515 - June 27th 1515

Letter relating to Edouard Anley, Marie Durell, André Durell and Jeanne Durell, executors of the inheritance of the Philippe Durell who wish to discharge Clement Hemery as the other executor of his duty.

Reference: L/F/59/B/3

Date: September 19th 1803 - September 19th 1803

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