Scrapbook No 3 compiled by Mr E J de Ste Croix. Includes cuttings from the Evening Post, labels from french suppliers to Jersey, ration notices, supply of footwear, curfew notices, advert for a German theatre comedy, warnings by the bailiff against loitering and damaging property of the occupying forces, the report and inquest into the death of James Patrick Fitzgerald and the injury of Lawrence Horgan when stepping on a landmine at Les Platons, Trinity, restrictions on fuel, notices on firearms, notices about the appearance of V sign propaganda around the island, order regarding fishing, requisitioning, an entry permit for one of the houses of the brothels, a card to enable german soldiers to obtain food whilst in transit, a notice warning of 5 years of imprisonment for stealing from the feldpost and 6-10 for stealing petrol from the army depot, an order relative to protection against acts of sabotage, an article about a film being made of the retreat of Dunkirk, a time sheet for local workers of Theodor Elsche, notice on the sentencing of Louis Berrier for releasing a pigeon with a message for England, the German answer to v sign propaganda, registration of vehicles, propaganda by the Germans against the British, football fixtures, the stopping of printing the Evening Post on thursday and a copy of Marshall Petain's telegram to Hitler expressing sympathy for attacks against German Forces in France.

Reference: L/D/25/M2/3

Date: May 20th 1941 - December 3rd 1941

Scrapbook No 5 compiled by Mr E J de Ste Croix. Includes cuttings from the Evening Post, various german orders, rationing, an order concerning traffic regulations, notes on a German shipwreck, the deportation of ex armed forces officers, attacks by British planes and the Russian prisoners of war, deportation orders, notes on 'Scenes on the Pier on September 16th 1942', story about the bombing of France, curfew orders, fuel supplies, interview in the EP with returned deportee Denis Cleary about the internment camps, a letter from the camp senior J Aston Hilton and from other deportees, report about the death of Ernest Le Gresley, notice about the 'Jersey' shoe, notice on the forwarding of luggage to deportees, exchange and mart column, stories on escaped Russian prisoners of war and the injuries sustained by three boys, Reginald Malzard, Dennis Wilden and Vernon George de la Cour, whilst playing with detonators, reports on robberies, football scores, food control forms, the price of horses, report of the delay of the deportations, a report on the learning of german in schools, report on the injury of Alfred Vibert after playing with cartridges, programme for Little Red Riding Hood, the Jersey Green Room Club pantomime of 1943, order relating to flotsam, jetsam and wrecks and a german propaganda leaflet deriding the British and Canadian landings at Dieppe.

Reference: L/D/25/M2/5

Date: August 10th 1942 - February 27th 1943

Certificate of wounded seaman Philip Billot, 25 years of age, who was injured on board the ship Victory by receiving a fracture of the right arm on the 7th May 1780 whilst rowing a boat to shore

Reference: L/F/189/A/1

Date: May 12th 1780 - May 12th 1780

Jersey Talking Magazine-November Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Phil and June Gurdon recording on the Solidor car ferry going to St Malo in France for their holiday including driving on to the ferry, having passports checked, parking the car, going up to the passenger areas, out on deck and describing the harbour. Health feature-Ian Caldwell, a skin specialist, talking about hair and balding. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for chutneys and pickles. Geoffrey Smith talking about hobbies for blind people. End of Side One. Beth Lloyd spending a day with a vet listening to him arranging his day over the radio, talking about the animals studied when qualifying, animals that he treats, the first call-treating a calf for worms, treating a cow for a leg injury, talking about the temperament of cows, cruelty on animals, treating a dog for an abscess, talking about the place of animals in modern society, treating a cat for eczema, treating a cow after it had given birth and an explanation of the treatment, seeing a cow with an infected teat, afternoon surgery, talking about the vaccine for cat flu, anaesthetic for dogs and cats, examining a sick dog and putting him down, talking about putting pets down, why he enjoys his job and whether his patients appreciate him.

Reference: R/05/B/25

Date: October 31st 1978 - October 31st 1978

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