Unemployment Insurance Act and its application to Jersey

Reference: A/D1/A1/9

Date: January 24th 1920 - May 13th 1920

Agreement between the United Kingdom and Italy relating to insurance and reinsurance

Reference: A/D1/A18/2

Date: January 6th 1954 - November 11th 1958

Papers relating to The Insular Insurance Law (Jersey) Law, 1950 and subsequent amendments

Reference: A/D1/L1/476

Date: August 19th 1950 - March 28th 1961

Papers relating to the Law concerning the Indemnisation of Parents, the Customary Law Amendment (Jersey) Law, 1948, the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) (Jersey) Law, 1948 and the Motor Traffic (Third Party Insurance) (Jersey) Law, 1948

Reference: A/D1/L1/53

Date: February 27th 1948 - June 21st 1948

Correspondence relating to a petition brought to the Royal Court by Charles Hamon, ship master against the Jersey Mercantile Insurance Society for Shipping and the complaint by Charles Hamon to the Secretary of State, Home Office in the delay of the hearing at the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/4

Date: June 12th 1876 - March 13th 1877

Proclamation by King George V extending the prohibitions contained in the proclamation of 9 September 1914 relating to trading with the enemy, insurance or re-insurance now prohibited, with related correspondence

Reference: A/E/6/4

Date: October 10th 1914 - October 14th 1914

Correspondence with the Accident Offices Association, 60, Watling Street, London concerning the resumption of their insurance business - motor and workmen's compensation

Reference: B/A/L24/11

Date: June 8th 1945 - June 19th 1945

Letter relating to insurance for passengers on lorries

Reference: B/A/W31/4/118

Date: May 12th 1944 - May 12th 1944

Request for the Bailiff's legal opinion re. an insurance claim against the Commercial Union Assurance Co.

Reference: B/A/W41/26

Date: July 27th 1943 - August 13th 1943

Details of States of Guernsey Officials and their Departments - not dated

Reference: B/A/W45/14

Date: 1941 - 1942

Correspondence re. the accident insurance for local pilots to be paid by the German Navy

Reference: B/A/W58/9

Date: January 14th 1943 - January 22nd 1943

Notes concerning false insurance claims, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/20

Date: 1820 - 1829

Correspondence file containing details of Nuclear Installations (Licencing and Insurance) Act 1959

Reference: B/D/A/E25/8 (1)

Date: September 12th 1958 - July 25th 1963

Bailiffs correspondence file relating to medical insurance [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7(848)

Date: January 7th 2000 - January 20th 2000

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Annual Business Plan 2007 (P.92/2006), Draft Treaty on Open Skies (Privileges and Immunities) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.75/2006), Draft Sea Fisheries (Licensing of Fishing Boats) (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.78/2006), Manual Workers’ Joint Council Constitution: amendment (P.82/2006), Manual Workers’ Joint Council: Employer’s Side membership (P.83/2006), Draft Insurance Business (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.85/2006), Draft Health Care (Registration) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.91/2006), and arrangement of business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/30

Date: September 14th 2006 - September 14th 2006

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Draft The Law Society of Jersey Law 2005 (Appointed Day) Act 200- (P.115/2006), Draft States of Jersey (Transfer of Functions No. 2) (Planning and Environment to Economic Development) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.125/2006), Draft Health Insurance (Medical Benefit) (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.129/2006), Draft Public Employees (Contributory Retirement Scheme) (New Members) (Amendment No. 11) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.136/2006), Draft Public Employees (Contributory Retirement Scheme) (Existing Members) (Amendment No. 8) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.137/2006), Draft Amendment (No. 31) to the Tariff of Harbour and Light Dues (P.138/2006), Draft Harbours (Amendment No. 40) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.139/2006), Data Protection Commissioner: appointment (P.142/2006), Data Protection Tribunal: appointment (P.143/2006), Public Employees Contributory Retirement Scheme Committee of Management: membership (P.153/2006), Draft Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Jersey) Law 2005 (Appointed Day) Act 200- (P.155/2006), Draft Planning and Building (Jersey) Law 2002 (Appointed Day) (No. 2) Act 200- (P.156/2006), Draft European Communities (Accessions) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.158/2006), Draft Banking Business (Amendment No. 5) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.159/2006) and Draft Insurance Business (Amendment) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.160/2006), arrangement of public business for future meetings, Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel - election of member and Christmas greetings.

Reference: C/A12/41

Date: December 6th 2006 - December 6th 2006

States Assembly Hansard Official Report includes Goods and Services Tax: petition (P.125/2007), Draft Price and Charge Indicators (Jersey) Law 200- (P.149/2007), Draft Goods and Services Tax (Jersey) Law 2007 (Appointed Day) Act 200- (P.121/2007), Draft Financial Services (Amendment of Law) (No. 2) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.114/2007), Draft Collective Investment Funds (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.139/2007), Draft Banking Business (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.136/2007), Draft Insurance Business (Amendment No. 6) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.137/2007), Draft Financial Services (Amendment No. 4) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.138/2007), Draft Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.134/2007), Draft Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.129/2007), Draft Drug Trafficking (Offences) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.128/2007), Draft Terrorism (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.131/2007), Draft Corruption (Amendment of Definitions) (Jersey) Regulations 200- (P.130/2007), Draft Crime (Transnational Organised Crime) (Jersey) Law 200- (P.132/2007), Crimes (Sentences) Act 1997: extension to Jersey (P.124/2007) and arrangement of public business for future meetings.

Reference: C/A12/79

Date: November 7th 2007 - November 7th 2007

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: Abattoirs at Herm and Argentine cattle; Acts of Parliament; proposed arsenal in St Helier; ordnance for the militia; improvements at the asylum; auditors' reports; import duties on the baggage of soldiers and sailors; pews in parish churches; ban on animal imports; Bills to Parliament; sale of cockles; appeal case relating to Julia Westaway will; hand over of Mont Orgueil to States and works there; rifle range at Blanches Banques; introduction of dogs to the island; colonial marriages; import accounts; trial of Thomas Connan; correspondence with the Privy Council; ecclesiastical constitutions; industrial schools; special flag for 'Duke of Normandy'; Jersey Mutual Fire Insurance Society; rules of Jersey Savings Bank; joint stock companies; Lt Governor's veto; merchant shipping; militia rolls; seigneural dues on land near Mont Orgueil and the signal station there; trading stamps; Victoria Cottage Homes report; editor of the Jersey Times called to the bar of the States and the Workmans' Compensation Bill

Reference: C/A5/11

Date: January 16th 1906 - November 11th 1908

Draft Jersey Mutual Insurance Society, Incorporated, (Alteration Of Rules) (Jersey) Law, 197 , lodged by the Legislation Committee

Reference: C/A606/1976/P1

Date: January 20th 1976 - January 20th 1976

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