Correspondence with the National Society, the Bishop of Southampton, the Dean of Jersey and others relating to religious education in Jersey and the Jersey Education Bill, with some newscuttings

Reference: 249M87/24

Date: 1909 - 1912

Copy of the Projet de Loi sur l'Instruction Primaire aux Etats de l'Ile de Jersey, 16 June

Reference: 249M87/25

Date: 1909 - 1909

Petitions against the Jersey Education Bill from the ratepayers of Jersey and the members of the Church of England and trustees, managers and supporters of Church of England Day Schools in Jersey, not dated

Reference: 249M87/26

Date: 1909 - 1909

Newscuttings relating to the Jersey Education Bill

Reference: 249M87/27

Date: 1911 - 1913

'Scheme of Religious Instruction to be given by the Teachers in the Public Elementary Schools of this Island, under Article 16 of the Law on Primary Instruction' issued by the States of Jersey Primary Instruction Committee

Reference: 249M87/28

Date: 1913 - 1913

Letter from Major General Cuppage, Government House, Jersey to the Committee for Provision of the Militia Laws re. reform of the Militia

Reference: A/C2/12/2

Date: April 1st 1868 - April 1st 1868

Letter from J Le Couteur [Colonel], Belle Vue, Jersey to Major General Burke Cuppage re. reform of the Militia & 1833 Order from General Thornton not to issue new clothing to men over the age of 45 years

Reference: A/C2/12/3

Date: April 30th 1868 - April 30th 1868

Letter from R Pipon Marett, Attorney General to Major General Guy reply to a letter of the 11 Aug, originally enclosed with 'The Petition from the loyal inhabitants of Jersey' see A/C2/12/13/1 comment on the Petition, the petitioners are 'quite unknown to us, the others are persons in the humblest rank of society' reference to Law of the Arsenals and Project du Loi for the regulation of the Militia, Attorney General advises the petition is not 'deemed worthy of serious attention'

Reference: A/C2/13/29

Date: August 26th 1870 - August 26th 1870

Letter from the Attorney General's Office Mr R Pipon Marett and G H Horman to Major General Guy in reply to his letter see A/C2/14/3 regarding the legal aspect of the right to cancel a Commission in the Militia, reference to the George Hooper case and the subsequent Order in Council 1817 and the case of Captain Guerin in Guernsey 1845, advise that the matter is referred to the Secretary of State for War

Reference: A/C2/14/4

Date: April 3rd 1871 - April 3rd 1871

Letter from Mr A F O Liddell, Whitehall to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Sir William Norcott] originally enclosed with report from Colonel Hemery see A/C2/17/7 recommendation of a change in the law

Reference: A/C2/17/12

Date: August 7th 1875 - August 7th 1875

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Sir William Norcott] to the Bailiff originally enclosed with letter from the Council Office and the Militia Law

Reference: A/C2/17/14

Date: August 14th 1875 - August 14th 1875

Letter from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Sir William Norcott] to the Under Secretary of State for War informing him a new law on the Militia was passed on 21 May 1875 and funds for the Militia

Reference: A/C2/17/8

Date: July 25th 1875 - July 25th 1875

Letter from the War Office to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Sir William Norcott] informing him the Militia Law passed on 21 May 1875 was still under consideration by the Government

Reference: A/C2/17/9

Date: July 27th 1875 - July 27th 1875

Letter from the Bailiff Robert Pipon Marett to Lieutenant Governor Nicholson re. registration in the Royal Court of the Militia law passed on 10 January 1881

Reference: A/C2/21/1

Date: March 12th 1881 - March 12th 1881

Petition re the Militia law passed on 10 January 1881 requesting alteration of the law and abolition of compulsory service signed by 'landed proprietors and other inhabitants' majority serving in the Militia name, address & age approx. 2,000 signatures

Reference: A/C2/21/3

Date: January 1st 1881 - January 1st 1881

Letter from Edward Mourant Lieutenant Bailiff to Lieutenant Governor Nicholson acknowledging receipt of his letter and calling the attention of the Defence Committee for provision of article 2 & 45 of the Militia Law

Reference: A/C2/23/1

Date: February 8th 1883 - February 8th 1883

Draft notes on Government House paper for letter to the Law Officers of the Crown re. the Militia law

Reference: A/C2/24/3

Date: May 10th 1884 - May 10th 1884

Letter from W Vernon Attorney General to Lieutenant Governor Wray re. case of the son of W [E] Voisin and interpretation of the Militia Law passed by the States of 10 January 1881 regarding defaults

Reference: A/C2/25/5

Date: April 30th 1886 - April 30th 1886

Post Office Telegrams from the Home Office to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Henry Wray] request for information re. numbers of militia who have been fined for breach of the militia law

Reference: A/C2/26/15

Date: April 22nd 1887 - April 22nd 1887

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