Reference: B/C/01/B2/27

Date: December 1st 1828 - December 1st 1828

James de Carteret, eldest son and heir of Jean de Carteret against Marie Le Maistre widow of Jean concerning title to property she gained on her marriage, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/3

Date: 1824 - 1830

Jeanne Moore against Moses Gibaut for distraint of goods, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/4

Date: 1820 - 1830

John Watson against John Phillips for payment of a debt, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/5

Date: 1820 - 1830

George Treheu against Hugh Godfray junior for payment of a debt, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/6

Date: 1820 - 1830

William Howard junior against Thomas Le Breton, Procureur General and Philippe Le Masurier, Prevot of the King in the parish of Trinity for the dismissal of the Prevot, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/7

Date: 1820 - 1829

Thomas Le Feuvre against Joseph Le Vescelles for distraint of goods for debt, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/8

Date: 1820 - 1829

Susanne Le Brun wife of Jean Bailhache against Abraham Le Gros to confirm an order of justice concerning land in the Fief du Roi, St Mary, not dated

Reference: B/C/01/B2/9

Date: 1820 - 1829

Jean Nicolle against Philippe Le Gallais for debt

Reference: B/C/01/B3/1

Date: 1827 - 1827

James Robin, executor of the will of the late Charles Robin against Philippe Jean, heir of his grandfather Jean Jean

Reference: B/C/01/B3/10

Date: 1827 - 1827

William Jean Dolbel against Ann Mary Babot, his wife concerning their separation and her lack of means of support

Reference: B/C/01/B3/11

Date: 1827 - 1827

Pierre Perrot against Benjamin Druce, the guardian of Sophie Druce relating to payment for the support of her illegitimate child

Reference: B/C/01/B3/12

Date: 1827 - 1827

Marie Falle, wife of the Comte de Tilly against Philippe Renouf for debt

Reference: B/C/01/B3/13

Date: 1827 - 1827

William Dickson and his wife Mary against the Procureur General relating to a fine for the theft of a ham

Reference: B/C/01/B3/14

Date: 1827 - 1827

George Frederick Honeybourn against John Haines concerning arrest for non payment

Reference: B/C/01/B3/15

Date: 1827 - 1827

Edouard Nicolle, surgeon, against George Marett concerning the repayment of a debt as ordered by the Court on 6 October 1826

Reference: B/C/01/B3/2

Date: 1827 - 1827

Philippe du Haume, procureur of his son, George du Haume against Philippe Messervy for debt

Reference: B/C/01/B3/3

Date: 1827 - 1827

Philippe Marett against Jean Laffoley for debt

Reference: B/C/01/B3/4

Date: 1827 - 1827

Jean Nicolle against George Marett for debt

Reference: B/C/01/B3/5

Date: 1827 - 1827

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