Letter Books

Reference: L/D/16/D1

Letter Book with copies of letters from the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club

Reference: L/D/16/D1/1

Date: June 4th 1881 - October 9th 1884

Letter Books

Reference: L/D/17/C1

Letter Book

Reference: L/D/17/C1/1

Date: October 14th 1865 - October 15th 1887

Letter Book

Reference: L/D/26/A4/1

Date: August 24th 1859 - November 2nd 1863

Letter book of the Vingtaine de la Ville. Contains copies of selected correspondence sent and received.

Reference: L/D/38/E1/1

Date: October 1st 1805 - May 10th 1870

Letter Books

Reference: L/F/221/A

Letter book of George Dorey including letters to Mr Le Sueur relating to his voyages and delivery of goods to various ports

Reference: L/F/221/A/1

Date: May 26th 1870 - January 16th 1892

Letter Book of the St Aubin's and St Helier's Railway Company Limited, later the Jersey Railway Company, relating to the establishment of a railway from St Aubin to St Helier

Reference: L/F/54/B/4

Date: September 25th 1860 - June 21st 1862

Letter Books

Reference: L/F/96/A

Letter Book of letters from and to Lieutenant Colonel Humfrey, Commander of the Royal Engineers and the Board of Ordnance [Indexed]

Reference: L/F/96/A/1

Date: August 14th 1809 - May 2nd 1810

Jersey Rifle Association letter book [Indexed]

Reference: L/F/97/M30/1

Date: August 16th 1884 - December 16th 1900

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