Lamerton Collection

Reference: L/C/82

Liberated by Force 135

Reference: L/C/82/A

Full Appendices of Liberated by Force 135, by Mark Lamerton

Reference: L/C/82/A/1

Date: 2000 - 2000

Article from The Islander magazine called 'Arrested by the Nazis..." and interview Professor Vivienne Mylne by Betty Brooke

Reference: L/C/82/A/10

Date: 1981-06 - 1981-06

Letter from Mark Lamerton to the Jersey Evening Post about war correspondent photographers, an article about 302 Infantry Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Robinson by Mark Lamerton from Armourer, issue 28, an article about Force 135 and the Liberation of Jersey by Mark Lamerton from Armourer, issue 16 and an article about Mark Lamerton and his book Liberated by Force 135: the Liberation of the Channel Islands, May 1945.

Reference: L/C/82/A/11

Date: July 1st 1996 - December 2nd 2000

Article entitled 'Jersey Celebrates Liberation Day' by Mark Lamerton from Skirmish magazine, issue No 8

Reference: L/C/82/A/12

Date: August 1st 2000 - September 1st 2000

Article entitled 'Shell Case Sculptures of the Channel Islands' by Mark Lamerton from The Armourer magazine, issue No 45

Reference: L/C/82/A/13

Date: 2001-05 - 2001-06

Article entitled 'Preparation and Training of Force 135 December 1944-May1945 by Mark Lamerton from the Armourer, issue 39

Reference: L/C/82/A/15

Date: 2000-05 - 2000-06

Article entitled 'Whatever Happened to Jersey's British Liberation Army & the Island Commander? (May-August 1945)' by Mark Lamerton

Reference: L/C/82/A/16

Date: 2000-04 - 2000-04

Article entitled 'The Welsh Liberation Connection' by Mark Lamerton

Reference: L/C/82/A/17

Date: 2000-04 - 2000-04

Article entitled 'Channel Islands Liberation Fleet May 1945' by Mark Lamerton from The Armourer, issue no 35

Reference: L/C/82/A/18

Date: 1999-09 - 1999-10

Copy of the Jersey Evening Post souvenir supplement commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Liberation including articles and photographs relating to the occupation and liberation

Reference: L/C/82/A/19

Date: May 3rd 1985 - May 3rd 1985

Copies of Defence (Jersey) Regulations 1939, Order relating to the approval of resolutions of company meetings, 28/09/1941, Orders relating to measures against the the Jews, 1941-42, Order relating to the declaration of flotsam and jetsam, 25/07/1942 and Order relating to Colorado Beetles, 1944

Reference: L/C/82/A/2

Date: 1939 - 1944

Copies of papers from the Field Troop Court of individual cases and a story written by Joseph Miere involving himself, John E G Dingle, Victor Webb, Alan Costard, Bernard Hassell and Tony Volante relating to a British flag being put up in the Prison during the Occupation before an inspection by a German officer

Reference: L/C/82/A/3

Date: 1940 - 1945

Transcriptions of BBC News Bulletins for the Channel Islands

Reference: L/C/82/A/4

Date: May 10th 1945 - June 7th 1945

Copies of a list of sources, images and escort deck logs of HMCS Saskatchewan, Gatineau, Kootenay and Assinboine, which were involved in Operation Booty in Jersey

Reference: L/C/82/A/5

Date: May 9th 1945 - June 11th 1996

Copies of correspondence with the National Archives in America and log books relating to the ships USS LST-521, USS LST-527 and USS LST-542, which were involved in Operation Booty in Jersey and an article called 'Ships without Names: The Story of the Royal Navy's Tank Landing Ships of World War Two' by Brian MacDermott

Reference: L/C/82/A/6

Date: May 1st 1945 - July 11th 1997

Copies of escort deck logs relating to the ships USS Maloy and USS Borum, which were involved in Operation Agent in Guernsey

Reference: L/C/82/A/7

Date: May 9th 1945 - May 20th 1945

Copies of LST Deck Logs relating to the ships USS LST-59, USS LST-137, USS LST-139, USS LST-295 and USS LST-516, which were involved in Operation Agent in Guernsey

Reference: L/C/82/A/8

Date: May 3rd 1945 - May 22nd 1945

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