Log Book of the 5th Jersey (Modern School) Scout Troop which became the 5th Jersey (St Lawrence) Troop following activities of the troop including some photographs

Reference: L/D/36/H3/E/2

Date: October 13th 1937 - March 31st 1949

Log Books

Reference: L/D/66/A2

Office Log Book

Reference: L/D/66/A2/1

Date: 1981 - 1981

Log Book of the Hoi Polloi

Reference: L/F/206/A

Log Book of the yacht the Hoi-Polloi, including details of the boats delivery to Jersey by Ellen MacArthur

Reference: L/F/206/A/1

Date: August 6th 1995 - June 25th 2000

Log Books

Reference: L/F/296/A

Copy of the ship log book of Captain George Malzard recording his journey on the 'Prospero' from Para to Iquitos up the Amazon River, includes the crew list of Captain George Malzard, John Osmont, William R Malzard, Richard Herivel, Benjamin Godfrey, Philip Chilard, John Anthoine, William Inman, Frederick Wyatt and Philip Le Couteur

Reference: L/F/296/A1/1

Date: January 29th 1864 - March 6th 1864

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