Before the Royal Court between Phlot de Carteret protector of Richard de Carteret, his son, Seigneur of Fief de Hault de Vincheles on behalf of Katherine de Vincheles of the first party and John Dumaresq Seigneur du Fief de Bas of the second party. In view of the inquiry of 12 good men over a piece of land in St Ouen near Le Petit Becquet it has been decided that the land is on the Fief of Katherine de Vincheles, In front of Clement Le Hardy, Bailiff, witnessed by Thomas Payn, John de la Rocque, and Perrin Le Seques, Jurats

Reference: L/C/89/A/7

Date: November 5th 1489 - November 5th 1489

Before the Royal Court between Loyz John Procureur of the King of the first party and Philippe de Carteret and Marguerytte his wife, with Phlot de la Hougue and Katheryne his wife daughter of John de Vincheloyes - all of Katheryne's héritage has been donated to Richart de Carteret of the second party. The procureur demands that 12 men be appointed to value the héritage. In front of Clement Le Hardy, Bailiff, witnessed by Phlot Payn, John Nicolle, Guille Payn, Raulin Lemprere, Philippe de la Rocque, Guille Hamptonne, John Poingdestre, and Perrin Le Scquet, Jurats

Reference: L/C/89/A/8

Date: November 24th 1489 - November 24th 1489

Before the Royal Court between Loyz Jehan Procureur of the King and Jehan du Marelz concerning the inheritance of Katherine de Vincheles that was donated to Richard de Carteret. The 12 men appointed to value the héritage of Katherine de Vincheles have declared the value to be 48 quartiers 3 cabots of wheat of rente. The héritage is claimed by retrait. In front of Clement Le Hardy, Bailiff, witnessed by Phlot Payn, Jehan Nicolle, Raulin Lemperiere, Jehan de la Rocque, Guille Hamptonne, Jehan Poingdestre, and Perrin Le Serquez, Jurats

Reference: L/C/89/A/9

Date: December 2nd 1489 - December 2nd 1489

Extract from the Cause Remises concerning an action between George La Cloche, Josué Giffard, Amice de Carteret, Josué Lempriere and Michel Lempiere concerning rentes

Reference: L/C/89/B/1

Date: February 27th 1707 - February 27th 1707

Series of extracts from the Royal Court concerning actions between Amice de Carteret Seigneur of Vincheles de Bas and Jean de Carteret Seigneur of Vincheles de Haut

Reference: L/C/89/B/2

Date: October 9th 1714 - September 24th 1715

Extract from the Court at St Lawrence between Jean Pipon tuteur of the children of the late Amice de Carteret principal heir of the late Edouard de Carteret second son of Amice de Carteret and the late Sara Dumaresq his wife of the first party and Susanne de Carteret, Jeanne de Carteret and Philippe Dumaresq son of Jean and the late Elizabeth de Carteret his wife of the second party. Concerns the partage of the héritage of Sara Dumaresq

Reference: L/C/89/B/3

Date: January 2nd 1754 - January 2nd 1754

Fief Books

Reference: L/F/101/A

Volume containing copies of contracts and letters concerning; property on the Fief de Vincheles, Fief de Gaunoire, Fief Haubert, and Fief de Vingt Livres, the Le Cornu Family, the boundaries of Vincheles de Haut and Vincheles de Bas, summaries of letters from Charles I and Charles II to Sir George Carteret and the people of Jersey, the de Vincheles Family, the de Carteret Family, an aveux of the tenants of the Fief de la Hague, and a copy from MS Lansdowne 227 folio 271 of the a list of the ancient families of Normandy. [Dates denote the date of the original document - not the date the copy was made]

Reference: L/F/101/A/1

Date: 1364 - 1673

Extracts from the Seigneurial Court Rolls of the Fief de Nempmes [Niemes] with transcript

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/1

Date: November 2nd 1580 - June 10th 1583

Copy of letters patent from William III recites the grant to George de Carteret of the Fiefs of Meleches, Granville [Grainville], and Noirmont and the grant from Charles II to Sir George Carteret of the Fief of Chenel [Chesnel]. Grants George Lord Carteret the licence to divide and sell the Fiefs.

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/10

Date: January 19th 1695 - January 19th 1695

Copies of contracts relating to the donation of héritage by Katherine de Vincheles to Richard de Carteret

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/11

Date: December 9th 1484 - October 4th 1490

Extract from the Seigneurial Court of the Fief de Meleches of the aveux of Thomas Anley

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/12

Date: September 18th 1683 - September 18th 1683

Copy of Letters Patent of Charles I allowing Philip de Carteret to unite the Manors of Rozel and St Ouen

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/13

Date: August 20th 1640 - August 20th 1640

Aveux of Jean du Feu and Marie de Gruchy his wife of land on the Fief de la Franche Mauvellerie

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/14

Date: October 30th 1766 - October 30th 1766

Copy of an Act of the Royal Court concerning a case of precedence on the Jurats bench between George Bandinel, Seigneur of the Fief de Meleches and Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/15

Date: April 30th 1713 - April 30th 1713

Declaration of Sir Charles Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity concerning the disappearance of his attorney, John Stafford in London with all the evidence relating to his case over precedence on the jurats bench with the Seigneur of Meleches

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/16

Date: June 21st 1714 - June 21st 1714

Dispute over precedents on the jurat's bench between Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity and Abraham de Carteret, Seigneur of the Fief Chesnel

Reference: L/F/101/A/10/17

Date: September 23rd 1697 - September 23rd 1697

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