Copy letter from C B Ewart Lieutenant-Governor to W H Venables Vernon, Attorney General in reply to the letter of 22 April 1892 requesting clarification on 2 points, how a proclamation of martial law would be made in the Island if there was an outbreak of war and if communication with England was interrupted who would resume control to ensure the safety of the Island, the Lieutenant-Governor or the Officer Commanding the Troops

Reference: A/C2/31/11

Date: April 23rd 1892 - April 23rd 1892

Letter from W Venables Vernon, Lincoln's Inn, London to the Lieutenant-Governor [Lieutenant General Charles Ewart] regarding the subject of martial law with reference to Orders in Council of 1603 and 1845 and the situation in Guernsey in 1781

Reference: A/C2/31/12

Date: May 14th 1892 - May 14th 1892

Warrant from Charles II addressed to Lord Jermyn and Sir George Carteret. The warrant authorises them to erect and hold a council of war and to proclaim martial law in Jersey

Reference: L/F/08/H/37

Date: May 1st 1649 - May 1st 1649

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