Appreciation of lands held in the Parish of St Saviour by the late Philippe Amy

Reference: L/C/112/K3/4

Date: May 5th 1887 - May 5th 1887

Appreciation of lands held in the Parish of Trinity by the late Philippe Amy

Reference: L/C/112/K3/5

Date: May 6th 1887 - May 6th 1887

Measurement of the lands of Francois Philippe Pirouet

Reference: L/C/12/L/9

Date: 1873 - 1873

Itemised valuation of household silver and jewelley carried out by E.J.Gallichan and Company Goldsmith and Watchmakers of 16, Royal Square

Reference: L/C/125/E5/10

Date: February 25th 1939 - February 25th 1939

Itemised valuation of land on the Grande Pré and the Jardin du Roquettes

Reference: L/C/125/E5/8

Date: January 17th 1870 - January 17th 1870

Itemised measurement and appreciation of land related to the succession of the late Henry Coutanche, annotated with the names and initials of family members

Reference: L/C/125/E5/9

Date: 1895 - 1896

Measurement of land held in the parish of St John by Francois Le Montays [Le Montais] giving the name and the size of each piece of land

Reference: L/C/148/A5/1

Date: September 28th 1810 - September 28th 1810

List of sales of land forming Le Clos Perruque

Reference: L/C/148/A5/11

Date: December 8th 1855 - January 24th 1861

Measure of Land held by Francis Laffoley

Reference: L/C/148/A5/12

Date: February 14th 1902 - February 14th 1902

Measurement of the land held as heritage of Josue Le Couteur that is situated in the parish of St John drawn up at the request of Philippe Gruchy

Reference: L/C/148/A5/3

Date: May 29th 1840 - May 29th 1840

Appreciation of land held by the late Philippe Gruchy

Reference: L/C/148/A5/7

Date: April 29th 1851 - April 29th 1851

Measurement of the land belonging the property L'Epine, Trinity by Snowdon Benest, arpenteur public, belonging to Josué Machon

Reference: L/C/166/A6/5

Date: February 3rd 1920 - February 3rd 1920

Record of the measurement of the masonry built by Thomas Cabot by Philippe Le Masurier, arpenteur at the request of Philippe de Gruchy

Reference: L/C/166/B5/9

Date: May 28th 1822 - May 28th 1822

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