Record of a measurement of walls for Philippe de Gruchy by Nicolas Le Quesne, Arpenteur

Reference: L/C/166/B8/13

Date: August 11th 1845 - August 11th 1845

Measurement of the Clos à Chandre part of the héritage of Jeanne Esnouf by Clement Romeril and Richard Valpy, arpenteurs

Reference: L/C/174/B/13

Date: April 11th 1723 - April 11th 1723

Record of the measurement of the land and house bought in a contract between Charles Jean Arthur of the first party and Jean Perrée of the second party

Reference: L/C/231/A4/104

Date: March 20th 1816 - March 25th 1816

Measurements of the lands of François de Quetteville in St Martin and St Saviour by public surveyors and to be agreed upon by the aforesaid François de Quetteville of the first party and Jean Dagon, agricultural tenant of the aforesaid de Quetteville of the second party

Reference: L/C/231/A4/312

Date: November 12th 1860 - November 12th 1860

Assesment and measurement of all the land belonging to the late Samuel Le Feuvre as the consequence of a court order at the insistance of several parties [91]

Reference: L/C/366/A3/55

Date: February 16th 1767 - February 16th 1767

Request from James de Carteret to Aaron de Veulle, valuer, to measure a small triangular piece of land which he leased in perpetuity from the tuteur of the children of Jean Le Cras; it is found to contain 1 perch 13 feet

Reference: L/C/47/A/603

Date: October 2nd 1781 - October 2nd 1781

Measurement of the Clos de la Croix [Trinity?] by Pierre Le Breton, arpenteur after a lease in perpetuity of the land from Amyce de Carteret to Estienne Regnouf

Reference: L/C/66/B4/1

Date: October 8th 1650 - October 8th 1650

Measurement of a large part of the lands of the late Charles de Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity by de Quetteville, arpenteur

Reference: L/C/66/B5/1

Date: September 27th 1737 - September 27th 1737

Copy of a measurement of the vacant lands and percage by Jean Le Cousteur, Arpenteur to which Edouard de Carteret has a right through Letters Patent from the Crown.

Reference: L/C/66/C2/53

Date: July 16th 1664

Measurement of land held within the parish of St Lawrence. Includes the name of the piece of land and measurements in vergees and pieds signed by Jean Mourant

Reference: L/F/618/A5/1

Date: 1804 - 1804

Copy of an Order of Justice raised by Jean Poingdestre heir of the late Jeanne Poingdestre his sister. The order relates to a dispute between the main heir and other parties claiming and interest in the land including the tueur of the children of Edouard Le Maistre

Reference: L/F/618/A5/2

Date: 1804 - 1804

Arpenteur's [Land surveyor's] Table used to calculate the contents of different pieces of land by Clement Noel

Reference: L/F/86/A/1

Date: March 31st 1845 - March 31st 1845

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