Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : 'Could you help solve St Saviour's remaining Napoleonic mysteries?' Sir William Mahon's new book focuses on Peninsular War soldiers who settled in Jersey

Reference: US/1569

Date: November 30th 2020

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : Service for Royal British Legion's 100th Birthday

Reference: US/1630

Date: May 14th 2021

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : Boy soldier, Daniel Herapath - A veteran of Waterloo at St Saviour's Church

Reference: US/1675

Date: July 22nd 2021

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper picture article : Armistice Day 1938

Reference: US/1726

Date: November 13th 2021

JEP Newscutting - Spotlight on St Ouen's Ex-Servicemen's Association - 05/11/1998

Reference: US/243

Date: 1998 - 1998

Letter from Margaret Brakell to Brian Mallett, enclosing 6 'In Memory' cards with reference to members of the Mallett family, dying in the UK and dated late 1800s. - 12/05/2007

Reference: US/261

Date: 2007 - 2007

Letter referring to the Ozouf family and photos of a gravestone in Takaka, New Zealand, with an inscription in memory of Peter Ozouf, killed in the late 1800s - 15/04/2005

Reference: US/264

Date: 2005 - 2005

JEP Newscutting about a piece of trench art dedicated to William Arthur Honeycombe, a Jerseyman who was killed in action during the First World War.

Reference: US/545

Date: 1914 - 1918

JEP Newscutting: article about the British officer, Captain Philip Ayton, who was killed during a commando raid during the German Occupation - 12/11/2011

Reference: US/848

Date: 2011 - 2011

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