Minutes of the St Martin's Parochial War Memorial Committee

Reference: F/G/Q1/1

Date: August 24th 1920 - July 18th 1924

Correspondence relating to the St Martin's War Memorial including tender for the building of the war memorial, the contract and correspondence relating from the contractors building the memorial and questions on the spelling of names to be inscribed on the memorial.

Reference: F/G/Q1/2

Date: October 18th 1920 - April 30th 1924

Correspondence to the St Martin's War Memorial Committee requesting tickets to attend the unveiling and dedication of the War Memorial. Those asking for tickets have a relative's name inscribed on the memorial.

Reference: F/G/Q1/3

Date: October 20th 1922 - February 14th 1924

Letter from E S Le Gresley to the Constable of St Martin to add granite pillars to the War Memorial

Reference: F/G/Q1/4

Date: May 26th 1987 - May 26th 1987

War Memorial Accounts

Reference: F/G/Q2

Account book with the London Joint City and Midland Bank Limited for the accounts of the War Memorial Fund including details on donations.

Reference: F/G/Q2/1

Date: April 22nd 1922 - August 2nd 1924

Receipts and loose accounts of the War Memorial Fund for payments to the builder and advertising costs.

Reference: F/G/Q2/2

Date: September 22nd 1920 - August 8th 1924

Photocopy of request for subscription to the War Memorial. Includes list of names of subscriptions promised.

Reference: F/G/Q2/3

Date: June 1st 1922 - June 1st 1922

Programme for the Unveiling and Dedication of the St Martin's Parish War Memorial.

Reference: F/G/Q3/1

Date: February 24th 1924 - February 24th 1924

Programme for the Unveiling and Dedication of a panel on the St Martin's Parish War Memorial in memory of the men of the parish who fell in the war, 1939 - 1945.

Reference: F/G/Q3/2

Date: November 7th 1954 - November 7th 1954

Letter from Muriel Le Masurier to Constable de Gruchy to thank the municipality for attending the morning service for the dedication of a memorial to George Le Masurier, her late husband.

Reference: F/G/S1/17

Date: November 22nd 1983 - November 22nd 1983

Booklet detailing the history and order of the service of dedication of the St Ouen War Memorial

Reference: F/J/X3/1

Date: 1952 - 1952

Books of Remembrance

Reference: F/K/U2

Extract from the States of Jersey regarding the defence of the Island and the building of a memorial to commemorate the heroism of Major Peirson.

Reference: F/M/R1/16

Date: February 22nd 1781 - February 22nd 1781

Minutes of the members of the Congregation of the Parish Church of St Ouen including lists of donations to the church and subscriptions for a memorial and lights

Reference: G/C/02/H/1

Date: January 26th 1937 - January 1st 1939

Volume containing list of rights of title to realty owned by the parish of Grouville 1672 - 1820, Rental of rentes due to the parish 1761, copies of acts of the Ecclesiastical Assembly relating to land transactions 1772 - 1776, subscriptions to a memorial for soldiers of the 83rd Regiment who died at La Rocque on the 06/01/1781, and lists of marks on herds of animals of various farmers in the vingtaines of Grouville

Reference: G/C/06/F/1

Date: 1672 - 1820

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