Correspondence file concerning the Royal Visit of Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on 25th July 1957, includes minutes of the Royal Visit Committee

Reference: B/D/A/R14/5/2

Date: November 28th 1955 - October 9th 1957

Correspondence file concerning Publication of Minutes of the States from 1800 onwards

Reference: B/D/A/S5/38

Date: June 22nd 1998 - January 23rd 2001


Reference: B/D/J1

Draft minutes of the Tariff Council

Reference: B/D/J1/1

Date: January 7th 1933 - February 24th 1939

States minutes, first dated entry 10 September 1603

Reference: C/A1/1

Date: September 10th 1603 - May 11th 1615

States minutes with an index at the front of the volume relating to subjects, people and places mentioned. Subjects include the militia, forts and castles, roads, naturalisations, the hospital, imports and the establishment of a public market.

Reference: C/A1/10

Date: September 16th 1799 - May 14th 1806

States minutes, with index 2012

Reference: C/A1/100

Date: January 17th 2012 - December 13th 2012

States minutes, with index 2013

Reference: C/A1/101

Date: January 15th 2013 - December 11th 2013

States minutes, with index 2014

Reference: C/A1/102

Date: January 21st 2014 - December 9th 2014

States minutes, with index 2015

Reference: C/A1/103

Date: January 20th 2015 - December 16th 2015

States minutes

Reference: C/A1/11

Date: June 21st 1806 - September 26th 1812

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/12

Date: October 26th 1812 - March 8th 1820

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/13

Date: April 5th 1820 - February 7th 1829

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/14

Date: May 13th 1829 - January 28th 1839

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/15

Date: February 13th 1839 - June 11th 1849

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/16

Date: September 7th 1849 - April 20th 1860

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/17

Date: May 4th 1860 - March 25th 1867

States minutes, with index

Reference: C/A1/18

Date: March 29th 1867 - March 25th 1874

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